Sunday, 26 November 2006

Where has all the snow gone?

I am sorry for the lack of photos. The reason is good however: I have been busy making my christmas cards since mid-october. I am not quite finished, but they will start to be sent soonish. One might appear near you!

I am not going to post any pictures of them (perhaps later), simply because I don't want to spoil it.
Other things:

It is warm.
I just had a long walk outside, wearing only a thin coat and a scarf against the weather - and the scarf was a bit overkill, I was quite warm.

When I was a child, there was snow.
In three days, it will be december. It is like a fresh day in early october! The christmas decorations that are slowly appearing (and that will sprout like mushrooms in just a few days) are looking out of place.

Where is the snow?

I am a bit dual to the situation. I like not being cold. But I really really hate the mud. I still haven't found an alternate route to work that won't add at least five minutes to the trip, so I am stuck wading through ankle deep mud. Clay like mud that tries to suck you down.

I hate it.
But I am not sure snow is better, either.

At least I don't have to clear it away, like certain someones I know!

Any readers feel they really SHOULD be on my christmas card list?
Remind me!