Saturday, 23 August 2014

Sunset at sea

Then I ran out of battery on both my camera and my phone. It was pretty though.


Helsinki - last port of call on my Baltic Tour of '14.

Home sweet home - hanging out with my beloved isosisko and her darling husband. 

Trip home

Felt weird to see the familiar boats from this angle. I'm on an enemy ship! 

Taste of childhood. I'm not so in love with it anymore.

Tallinn: Lennusadam

Silme and Patrik goes on holiday by boat across the Baltic.
Aren't we cute?

Red velvet in a submarine.

Tallinn Day 2

The brilliantly hot summer weather from Stockholm was present in Estonia too, but I never leave home (well, rarely) without a scarf and a hat.

Or leave the hotel room, as that may be.

I'll make a separate post with the Seaplane harbour photos...