Thursday, 31 October 2013

Cat photos

Alasdair has a tendency to look grumpy if I take out the camera now, but the first day I got these. Both of them like the bathtub for some reason. And like all cats that come here, that mirror in the hallway seems to contain some really interesting things (the other mirror is ignored). The hat shelf is now a cat shelf, I cleared it before they could finish the job and put a blanket up there for them. :P The furnishings in my hallway is temporary - an old dresser to hold hats and scarves and mittens and such so cats can't steal them, but there is not really anywhere to place it due to the freezer behind it. The cats seem to like it there as they can climb on it. ;) 


I want to knit a sweater. I have never knit a sweater before. I realised gauge matters - that is, for you muggles, how many stitches per inch you produce, so that you have the same amount as the pattern suggests so it will actually come out the same size as you want.

So I decided it was time to swatch, but knitting swatches is boring, so I knit a pair of wristwarmers. Look, pretty!

(They're actually black and aqua)

Now, the gauge is off, so I have to swatch some more. What next?

I wish you a pleasant Samhain

I don't celebrate Halloween, at least not as a dress-up-in-costumes-and-carve-pumpkins-and-eat-candy kind of holiday, but I felt inspired to paint my nails in a style fitting the day.

Ironically the ones I paint with my left hand always turn out better (top - I couldn't manage four windows and all the detail with my right hand, and yes, I write with my right hand..). 

Monday, 28 October 2013


Catlings. They are siblings, six months old. He is a tuxedo, she is all black.

Olivia. Tiny, tough. A really loud purr from a small body that is easily teased out. Looks like a kitten still. She might meow if she loses track of her brother, he usually returns to her side if she calls. Not afraid of new rooms or new situations (but a bit worried about me walking about if she is on the floor). Likes to carry things around, and it is more fun if it is something she isn't allowed to have. Sheafs of important papers, yarn tags, shoes. I wonder if she will learn to fetch.

Alasdair. Looks rather adult, but slim in the body still. So long legs - he looks like a coyote with his long legs and eyes reflecting light back at me. Much bigger than his sister and a big chicken. If there is a new room he lets her investigate first before he dares go in, he patiently waits until she sounds the all clear. Has the loudest meow I have heard, and the most silent purr. The first mostly heard at night when he gets scared by - new home, the darkness, I don't know. Meow!Meow!Meow!Meow! all night long. Last night I left the light on and he squawked less. His purr is soundless, but a strong vibration in his body. A prius.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Catlings/New life partners

Some day I will finish posting my photos from last year's roadtrip, and from this spring's trip to Norway. Because there are pretty pictures, even long after the fact.

In the meantime, Alasdair and Olivia just moved in with me. Like, less than an hour ago. They are six months old and think this is the most scary thing to ever happen to them. Which it most likely is, since they have lived their entire lives at the rescue where they were born in the spring. Right now Alasdair is hiding in a litter box and Olivia in a cardboard box. The cardboard box is there for hiding purposes, but he is just being silly to not choose the more comfortable alternatives available.

I have no doubt they will soon come out and wreak havoc. :)