Monday, 11 March 2013

Iditarod amateur commentatory: A tight race in the top 5¨as expected Buser's slight lead didn't last. Ulsom still running in the top ten, going to be interesting to see if he will be able to make a run for the top three and beat Andersen's record. I don't think so - too many really good contestors running tightly as the pack continues up the coast towards Shaktoolik.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Armchair Mushing Weekend

Today Finnmarkslöpet started as well; while the leading pack in Iditarod is over halfway and it is starting to get really exciting.

I have to say I really like the race standing page Finnmarkslöpet has, the way it shows how standing changes from checkpoint to checkpoint.

And here is Iditarod's. At this point the Norwegian Rookie seems to be aiming for the top 10 - will he manage to beat Andersen's record rookie place of #4? At this point Buser's strategy seems to pay out and his lead might make the difference - if he can keep his pace. Aliy was a close second last year - I am rooting for her (of course).

5 Year Anniversary (March 8th)

Yesterday was the anniversary of moving here.

The first year was rather tough. I flailed quite a bit mentally, feeling alone and unsure on how to cope. I had never quite lived alone for a longer period before; almost always sharing a flat or having someone close by to lean on. As the first anniversary came by I realised how much I had grown, however.

After that it hasn't been so stressful. I let some things slide and deal well with other things and rarely beat myself up over things I didn't handle perfectly. I like my solitude. I like that noone cares if I don't plant anything on the balcony one year. That I can hang whatever I want on the walls. Not have curtains, or have curtains as I like. Noone complains about the size of my yarn stash (even though Suz at work with whom I shared an office for a couple of years said last June that if I had lived with her I would NOT have been allowed to buy all that yarn. Lucky I don't then!)

There are drawbacks too, of course.

But, I like to focus on the good things, and I am generally happy.

Lately it did strike me that before I got a taste of this freedom, living in my Hermitage, I was a much more social creature, used to sharing a flat, usually wanting to hang out with others. Now I want my lone time more and more. Addictive. The flip side of this is that my nature might not be so solitary as it seems, since I have acted in another way before. So I am trying to socialize myself a bit, getting to know new people, actively seeking company. It is fun. I am enjoying myself.

And most of all, it is completely on my terms, because in five years I have become my own, independent, person more than I ever was before.

Happy Independence Day!

Monday, 4 March 2013

New Blue

I got new glasses again. The same as the green ones I got in November... because I like them that much, and I had trouble choosing colour already back then.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

My favourite night of the year!

Tonight I am an armchair musher! In less than three hours the Ceremonial start of Iditarod 2013 begins. I shall be watching - already settling into my recliner.