Sunday, 24 February 2013

Star Coaster

Here is the howto for the second coaster. This one is just one sheet. The difficulty is just a little bit higher than on the Heart coasters. I'd advise using a drop of glue or double sided tape to hold it flat to extend its life length a bit.

This design looks great in a paper with different colours on each side. A 6" inch square is needed.

Modular Heart Coaster

After the previous post I promised a friend to make a how-to for the coasters. I will actually provide a how-to for two different coasters, one modular and one single sheet! Because I am procrastinating from doing chores.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

With paper as building blocks

Kate asked what I was doing, I answered "Modular origami" and she went Whut? on me. So I took some photos of a few things I built today.

This is mostly toys. The flat things in the middle are coasters and I wear those out and make new as needed.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


I keep trying to get my activity level back up. My Get Shit Done list is so big I am avoiding looking at it. Project Cleaner Slate 2013 is moving ahead. What the hell is she talking about now? I started gathering all the things I should do, or wanted to do, or had promised to do, or had started but never finished into a list. After struggling with it for some weeks I decided to keep the list, and work to get it cleaner. Stuff I come up with need to be added. I should finish a couple of old things before I start something new and exciting. At least in theory. Well, about half the things that were on the list around Christmas are GONE. So I am making progress. Still, there are stuff I need to attack.

The photos from my road trip in August is one thing. I like taking pictures, but I don't like processing. Sigh.

Also, I kinda want to play the alphabet game. My self challenge to improve my writing flopped horribly, what I need to do is just get back in the habit of posting something before I try to up the challenge to a harder level. So my thought for my new self challenge is to post my way through the alphabet. Write, take pictures of something, repost, whatever. A, B, C.

It might not happen. But it might. We'll see, eh?

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


I made a squirrel last weekend. It's name is Wayne, named for Uncle Wayne the Squirrelman, obviously. I will pack it up and stick it in a box and send it to him shortly.

Here's a bunch of photos, I will try to fix the layout when I am less sleepy. For now this will suffice, yes?

I experienced some hilarity when the cat decided the squirrel was the enemy and need to die. He can normally be left alone with pretty much anything and behave nicely, this was out of character for him.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Spilt milk

You know how a glass of spilt milk will seem to contain far more than it should once it has broken its boundaries and are flowing across the table, the floor, your clothes, the chairs, somehow into the cupboards?

Newsflash: Broken glass behaves in the same way.

This here was a small plate (8" diameter). These have hit the floor multiple times before, but this time something went wrong and it COVERED my livingroom floor. I am sure I have not found all the parts yet.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I am  trying to go back to knitting all the ideas in my head. That means a lot of unravelling, tinking, problem solving. The beta knit of my hat got done sunday morning after I slept on the problem for a few hours, and I am now really pleased with it. The first attempt shall be frogged and hopefully reknit according to the working model.

The test knit of the pattern is underway, then I need to write it up prettily.


Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I haven't been outdoors in actual sunlight (not just grey filtered daylight) since.. uhm.. october?
This saturday I went for a walk in central Sthlm with Daniel, his hubby and the twins.

There were birds among the ice floes in the sea.

Monday, 4 February 2013


More and more often I bake bread at home and survive on that for a week, instead of buying two small loaves and keep in the freezer. I am not an attentive breadbaker; it is minimum effort, as little kneading as possible, but it tends to turn out well nonetheless. I am thus sceptical when encountering bread baking advice that refer to taking your time and kneading the dough for x hours (ok, usually not HOURS, but you get my drift), etc.

Now, if I could ever get around to making onion soup to have with my bread..