Monday, 22 October 2012

Woops, I killed the wishlist.

I sorta forgot all about the wishlist thing I was doing on here a loooong while back. I tend to buy things I want when I see them, not wait around and hope someone else will get them. Since it's that time of year again and I fear unwanted presents that I have to figure out what to do with more than anything (well, almost more than anything, I can come up with a few scary things, I have a fairly good imagination):

Details available on request...:
- blocking mats that are identical to the ones I have so I can make a bigger blocking surface because for some reason I manage to turn out ginourmous shawls even though I lack patience
- knitting needles of a specific type and size (a giftcard at will do)
- Norwegian edibles and drinkables
- The softest, prettiest non-sheepy yarns in existance
- kneehigh knitted socks that fit my weird feet (I don't have the patience to knit that far)
- nice tequila ('cause I am too much of a cheapskate to buy it at the outrageous prices here)

I'll edit this post as needed. Maybe not though, since I tend to forget about things.

Don't give me any tea pots. I'll just use them to store buttons in and there are better button storing containers out there. 

I had a headcold. Got better. Got a stomach virus. Got better. Had full-time training for a week that pretty much knocked out my mental capacity. Got a headcold in school that kicked in as soon as training was over. Am currently knocked out again.

This october sucks healthwise. Just saying. My brain is doing better though! I think I might actually be happy, if unproductive...

Saturday, 6 October 2012


I still have a cold and my brain seems unable to keep a serious thought for more than 30 seconds. I am even more distracted than usual. Writing is out. Photo editing is out. What I managed to do was to take pictures of some stuff.


I did paper craft and decorated another book, as well as making a card. Because COGWHEELS.

These are some work-in-progress stuff:

Lighthouse shawl
Edwina Margarita is growing verrrrry slowly. The purl rows are endless already.

These are finished recently; the shawl I knit in june and the mittens in september. 

These were finished further back; one in may and one last winter, but here are better photos of them: 

And I am using Ikea's cheapest floor lamps as reading lamps in both the bedroom and livingroom. They are ok. But boring. So I decorated the bedroom ones with tassels. 

Friday, 5 October 2012

Badger and Fox

I have a headcold and a lack of energy. I hope to be back in full within a few days though! I'll catch up, don't you worry.

In the meantime: I draw so little these days that people don't even ask me about it. But last night I at least made a pencil sketch. Better than nothing?

Thursday, 4 October 2012

August 3rd: Vizmeg's Cabin

When we arrived at the cabin there was already some decorations up, but a couple of us were quickly roped into putting up more. 

Sassu is one of the courageous decorators.

I discovered a hornet's nest while decorating, and it was summarily removed with us at a safe distance. 

It was windy and the ribbons would go AWOL unless held tightly. Since we only had two hands each the solution was to wind them around our necks, sometimes with amusing results. 

Or not so amused. 

We made it! If you think the arch is a bit bare on the highest point it is simply because we couldn't reach that far, and I was the tallest person around the cabin at the time. 

There was an indoor climbing wall to amuse us in the evening. The narrow side is the easier...

..and the front harder. One has to straddle the deer to get up. 

As the sun started to set a few of us went out on ATVs. I initially rode with Rob who was Cam's best man, and the person with whom we were hiding the first night when almost nobody knew that the four of us were in SLC already. (Sassu, Tiina, Kate and I). Then we switched places, which he somehow dared to do even though I warned him it could be more interesting than he would prefer it to be. 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

August 3rd; The Road Trip Part

The wedding itself was actually to be held up in the Uinta mountains, so friday morning all the people gathered in one place and spread out among available cars. North-east out of SLC to Evanston (which is in Wyoming) and then south and back into Utah to the cabin where it all was to happen.

I took some photos while we were driving, as usual. 

I am very fascinated by the desert colours. Tans and ochres and suddenly red. 

The black dots are cattle. Wyoming...

I like this photo, with the truck and the green fields and the farms and then the mountains in the distance. 

This looks very much like home to me...

Sheep in the road. Kate said "What the f*k!?" to my great amusement. 

Back in Utah the desert colours again become prevalent, but at an altitude high enough to make the vegetation look more like what it does where mother lives. 

The road up to the cabin. 

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Challenge Day 2: Nine things you do every day.

The dream fades, forgotten before I can grasp at it, shrinking away from the light seeping in through my sleeping half-closed eyelids. As consciousness impedes on my comfort I reach out, still without opening my eyes, to turn off the annoying sunlight. The switch doesn't move to my groggy consternation. I open my left eye, peering suspiciously at my alarm-lamp that simulates sunrise to wake me. The lamp is dark, the annoying light comes from the real sunrise.

Consternation is replaced with panic: work-late-sunup-hurrryyyyyy! I roll out of bed, landing in a crouch, adrenaline roaring. In the not-to-far distance a train rumbles past.

I never get further, as I suddenly realise it is saturday and if I go to work I will find nobody else there. My mental step by step preparation to get myself through my mourning routine on record time is brushed away - ignored! and instead I slouch off towards the bathroom, careful not to knock my head against anything.

A washcloth dripping with cool water applied to my face makes me able to open both eyes fully. I study my pony tail in the mirror but decide that since I am not intending to leave the Hermitage, it'll do. No brushing of hair to be attempted this early. I likewise ignore getting fully dressed, and head straight for the electric kettle. I have higher priorities, and on top of the list is caffeine.

While the water comes to a boil I spread plain cream cheese on a piece of bread, so that a minute later I have a small tray consisting of coffee, orange juice, bread, and a cocktail of allergy medicines. Breakfast is accompanied by leisurely surfing through all my usual haunts, lounging in my recliner. As usual I find Ravelry more interesting than the news.

I enjoy the silence for just over thirty minutes before it starts. The thumping. Again.

The upstairs neighbour is playing loud music. Bad loud music. I counter with my own favourites and the neighbour takes the hint, as he mostly does. I wonder what he does on the days I instead leave the house, listening to my music on my most beloved gadget, the mp3-player. Play as loud as he wants? Does anybody else ever complain? I guess I'll never know. I finally feel ready to get dressed. Might as well since I am up and moving anyway.

Since this is a day blessedly free from commuting and work, I find time to knit, thus postponing doing chores. The knitting develops my dexterity as I try to avoid poking the cat with my needles too many times. He studies my work and is obviously feeling chatty, because he tells me very vocally what I am doing wrong. He finds less fault with my work when I give him a hug.

Finally, as the sun sets, I remember I have things to do and settle for the lowest acceptable minimum: The trash gets taken out. The hallway smells of everybody else's dinners. Mostly good smells. Spice and garlic and frying onion. As usual I skip eating in a mix of self-flogging, laziness and lack of inspiration and appetite. I am going to bed soon enough anyway.

(The nine things: Wake up from light, washcloth to get the gunk out of my eyes and straighten my wild eyebrows which get an insane bedhead effect, get dressed, breakfast, medicines, internet, listening to music, talk to the cat, skipping dinner. These are part of ANY day in my life unless I am terribly ill.)

August 2nd: Bachelor/ette Party

My trip was timed around my friend Jonna's wedding on aug. 4th. For some months we had however planned a surprise appearance a few days earlier, kidnapping her for a traditional Scandinavian bachelorette party. At some point I started poking around and the kidnapping of the groom was synchronized too. In the afternoon the groups merged and partied together.

This meant Kate and I had a deadline to get from NYC to SLC, and even if it started to look as if the car situation would solve, we just had to go, so we splurged on last-minute plane tickets and flew west wednesday night.

Bachelorette Partiers

This isn't actually a bad picture (if not for the reflection in her glasses), but truth is she was about to kill me.

Ongoing torture. 

Bride & Groom - after the parties joined forces. 

"Should I use the child as a torch?" (cheering) "Man, you really don't like him, huh?"