Sunday, 30 September 2012

July 29th: Beach life

I took this a few blocks from where we ate breakfast (and I satisfied my initial bagel cravings). 

Kate's the beat up legs (she falls down stairs and stuff, I don't).
Mine are the blue-white ones (we had no summer in Scandiland). 

Kate was not prepared for the wave, I was timing my photo to it. Hee. 

Trying to keep my dress from getting wet, and forgetting I wear leggings. Win. 

The traditional Feet-And-The-Sea photo. 

This was taken at a Walmart. Most of it was closed off in this way. For our safety. We might shop, otherwise.
(Sunday in NJ)
Since the original plan (to head out sunday noon-ish) crashed when the car crashed (which was the reason for the missing Kate), we got bonus days in NJ/NY. Luckily Mike could offer us a place to crash and happily (?) chauffeured us around. He seemed to live vicariously through our mishaps. (That's OK.)

Sunday was spent at the beach (most of my photos are however corrupt now :( ), and then trying to figure out insurance + rental car. Seeing Mike get a fat wad (50+ of them) of $1 bills for change for $100 was another thing I should have documented.. I was too busy laughing.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Bonus photo: Dragonfly

From Sarah P. Duke Gardens, NC - end of August.

July 28th, Clouds & Greenland

I was woken up super early by someone chanting and singing praise to their god in the yard outside my apartment - at 0330 this was not appreciated and if the person had been within visual range I would have attempted throwing something at him/her.

I lugged all my stuff to the airport (and lifted 90lbs of STUFF aboard the airport transit bus all at once, a feat of strength on my part but I am slightly embarrassed at the amount of things. In my defense I didn't know when I would be able to do laundry and I still ran out of clean clothes in a bit over a week.)

On the flight I had the chatty company of Mrs. Pleasant, who was also a knitter; and I wound up teaching her and her grand-daughter the basics of lace knitting as well as linen stitch. Little time was thus spent sleeping or listening to music or actually knitting...

Here's some photos from the flight for your enjoyment, if you can muster any. I tend to be rather enthusiastic about looking at the ground, and clouds, and.. I enjoy flying, but I don't enjoy commercial sardine can flights.

When I arrived at JFK, there was a conspicuous lack of Kate, and lack of communication from Kate. 12 hours there was not amusing, I was tired after almost no sleep and a long flight and an extended day, and the guards kept telling me to go somewhere else, they didn't appreciate me napping at the airport. I wound up sitting at the curb outside taking a nap by the pickup area, because those guards cared less. After 12 hours Kate's cousin Dave and his wife rescued me, since Kate was still lost in transit. Somehow I have no photos from visiting them, not even of their dog. I blame my tiredness and the general confusion.

Weekend Job

I am going to make an effort at marathon-blogging all the relevant photos from the August trip this weekend. The writing up of events might be a bit more patchy.. I'll see how much I can find the time and energy to do. I'm going to schedule posts, so not everything will appear at once though. Since I have only looked through and touched up photos from less than a week of the four week trip, I guess I should just brew a pot of coffee and get to it.. Knitting prohibited for the time being, I really should get this done.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Right, challenge.

Paging Matika and Cold as Heaven!

We talked about doing a blog challenge. September came and went, but how about october? Anyone want to join me?

The rules are:
1) Try to write a post every day according to the list.
2) No shaming if you miss one, continue where you left off. Spread love and support eachother.
3) Challenge your writing. Try to write well and interesting.
4) Length does not matter, long or short - but it should be a standalone post that makes sense on its own without being dauntingly long.

Anyone else want to join? Write a comment. Spread the word. Let's do this.

And last: I do this because I need to start writing. If someone else wants to do it with me, great. Let's go for it together, the more the merrier! If not, I'll do it solo. I do most things alone, so that's fine too.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

SNS (Sunday Night Swatching)

My back/hip is inexplicably hurting (probably arthritis related), I am drinking tequila to banish the pain, and swatching entrelac. Proof:

Also, I have about ten ongoing projects, even after unravelling some that I decided will never be worked on again.

 This is recreating my trigger finger mittens from two years back, hedgehog style:

And I actually finished two things. One is a pair of green mittens which I will have to come back to, 'cause I haven't taken a picture as of yet, the other were these, which were gifted to my nice coworker Bettan:

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Look to the East

I witnessed something cool coming off the train after work today. The usual rush hour rush and pushing going on, and normally everybody storms down the stairs all at once. Today, however, many of the adults coming off the train stayed on the platform, and as one turned east, just standing there silently watching.

The object of admiration was a triple full rainbow, that is three arches ground to ground. One was really bright, too.

I think the silent people all facing east were somewhat cooler than the rainbow, actually.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Tidy & Talisker

Third post in a day, more nonsense, a keep-it-to-yourself FB-style status update. See, Internet, I am lonely. I don't know if I wish you would talk back to me or not.

But for now; my flat hasn't been this tidy when the cleaning lady came in many many months, she is going to beam at me (well, she always does, but..). Now I deserve to finish off that bottle of Talisker after all that hard (at least tedious) work.

Music, travel and friends

One things that annoyed me about my recent trip around the US is that I missed seeing one of my favourite bands live - I really had hoped that I would (and fully intended to) catch up with them on their tour. But, life sometimes provides second chances; they will be touring the UK for two weeks in early November!

Now the great question is; - do I know anyone in the UK, even vaguely?



I have several thousand photos from my trip I am supposed to go through and post highlights from, as well as recap what I've seen and done.

I started on it last weekend... then I lost all enthusiasm for it and since then I have been doing other things; like starting to knit a grey shawl in Malabrigo Worsted (I have, in fact, begun 4 new projects since I came home two weeks ago, finishing none of them), and sorting all my yarn, cataloguing it and putting it in ziplock bags (to protect against bugs), also cataloguing needles and hooks, and yarn-related literature I own.

When I was done with that I pushed furniture around, continuing on my attempt to create an unholy mess out of my flat. Tomorrow the cleaning lady comes, and while she is very tolerant of my creative mess and generally just gather stuff up and leave it in a stack on my desk or in a basket, I think the current status quo is a bit over the top and will actually hinder her in doing her job, so well.. I guess I know what I am doing tonight...

We have been reorganized at work too. Means goodbye to some very good folks. I am not happy, to put it mildly. Will miss them terribly.