Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Vasa Museum/Royal Castle

The splendid sculptures of the Vasa. 


(Detail of another cannon)

The German dog! <3 <3 <3

Old Town


The German Church in the Old Town. I always go there if I have five minutes to spare.
Why you say? Ask me in private and I might tell you. 

A very narrow alley: 

More cannon! What is that you are hiding behind your back? A very unmanly ice cream cone? :)

Stockholm Visit

I have had two separate visits from the States this summer: First Erik, Wayne and Patty were here for a week in June, and this weekend Kate was here (Juho came over from Finland too). 

High, high up one can get this kind of view if the weather is good. 

But what is a West Chester police vehicle doing in Stockholm? 


Pet cemetary

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Margarita Edwina

I have a policy. Don't drink and knit.

Lately however, I have been unable to resist - particularly when I am drinking margaritas. The latest is that I started knitting this shawl, according to a pattern called Edwina, under the influence. It was a bit confusing trying to figure out what I had been doing the morning after I started, but then things went well after that. The first part of Margarita Edwina is finished and it is time to begin on part 2 - a different lace pattern. 

I knit fairly well when drinking tequila, apparently..

Belated picture-post: Norway, may 2012

A short week in mid-may I went to Norway, to Oslo. It is at least eight years since I was last in Oslo, and two years since I was in Norway. The trip was long planned; I would visit my beloved cousin Lisbeth and her family - and "accidentally" my visit would be at the same time as Wayne, Patty and Erik was in Oslo. This was meant to be a surprise for them, in the end it failed, to my great disappointment, but I am glad I went - it was a fun few days!

So, here's a flood of pictures in completely random order and completely random layout, because blogger ain't cooperating with me today.

Norwegian Red Pine with bark in different stages.

The gang :)

There is some uncertainty as to whether he was giving me a
killing look for taking pictures of him, or whether it was just
that the sun was in his eyes. I zoomed out and backed off anyway...