Friday, 30 September 2011

Belated garden report; last of the season.

Aphids took over and I let everything die out after these photos were taken. My asters turned out to be late bloomers, not flowering until september. Guess if I hadn't gotten a bug problem I would have had flowers long past snowfall! 

B(ack)log: Post-it wars

Thursday, 29 September 2011


B(ack)log: Boss on vacation

Upside down floor lamp (99 SEK at Ikea if you like the idea - It looked surprisingly good and what started out as a prank seems to now be a permanent fixture... but the other stuff had to come down.)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Technical Services in a bar

Tuesday was spent with my department - the autumn's kick-off.

The day was mostly spent doing serious stuff (those pictures are mostly boring) - but in the evening we got us some drinks. The first one is my boss' attempt to cure my cold: 50/50 lemon juice and whisky. I gave it away, couldn't drink it. Sour! Strong! Ew. 

B(ack)log: 19th floor

B(ack)log: Ådi's visit mid-august

Linus confused - what is he doing? Then as realisation is slowly dawning: He is licking Linus's fur! .. unfortunately I didn't get a shot of when Linus screams "Cooties!!" and bats at Ådi.

B(ack)log: Accidental matching

Realised after the fact that my nails looked like my scarf, and then of course I had to document that silly fact. This is from sometime early august.

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Swiped from my cousin at FB; dunno where she got it:
"Stress is what happens when your gut says No No No and your mouth says Yes, I’d Love To."

Or, in my case: "Of course I'll have the report ready by tomorrow morning!" at 4pm.

In other news: I have a camera full of pictures for ya'll, I'll try to get some of them posted during the weekend, if I have a weekend instead of a continued week (likely at this point).