Thursday, 30 June 2011

Garden report, today!

I found myself amused, glancing out and seeing this image of domesticity. Laundry drying on the balcony, curtains up (first time since december in any room!).

Now for the real garden report: 

I found this growing along the bottom of the little wilderness and poking out at one side. I don't know what it is - yet. 

Zinnia. Same as yesterday - it is gaining petals!

More zinnia.

And more zinnia...

Gooseberry bush looking healthier. No fruit from it this year :/

I rearranged the plants in an attempt to gain more usable floor space out there, the result can be seen from the random post I made earlier. I am fairly satisfied :)

Garden report: June 29th

The 4'o clock has a myriad of flowers and they all look different. I am mostly fascinated by the shape of the flower before it opens, the perfect symmetry. Also I find it interesting that they tend to be speckled.

The evening sun over Sthlm. 

Delayed garden report: June 19th-23rd. More flowers appear and I fence in the wilderness.

The cornflower especially was trying to take over the rest of the balcony too, so I made a string fence around it.

Random collections:

Been drinking beer. I am supposed to photo document what I drink, so I can remember what I like and what I hate. I mostly forget to do so, this was the third beer that day and the only one remembered.

Linus likes his tree, and has now moved in on the top shelf as well. The lower shelf is a place for resting and cuddling, the upper one is for playing and attacking. 

During day my balcony is a lush place to lounge in the heat in a baden-baden chair with a book or some knitting. In the evening a table and one or two chairs pop up and it becomes a room for the evening meal. When I am alone I read while I eat, I have been told it is a very bad habit, but I am not sure why.

Lap cat (June 18th)

Delayed garden report: June 18th. Other flowers are starting to make themselves noticed!

Friday, 17 June 2011

4 O'clock

The cornflower post

And Linus in the morning sun behind my back in the chair.