Monday, 30 May 2011

Warmth=Delicious. Warmth+Alpaca=Too much...

Today has been one of the first really warm days throughout since easter. And by that I mean I was not freezing when going to work, and it was still warm when going home. In fact, I could probably have done without my jacket and just worn a shawl or cardigan. I do know for sure that my alpacka shawl (Ledra in action!) became too warm when going home! Time to get knittin' in cotton!

I found some old patterns for table cloths and doilies of various sizes, supposed to be knit in super thin cotton of course, but I think I can adjust them into a triangular/halfmoon shawl with somewhat thicker yarn. HmmHmm! But first; some samples in crochet yarn. If I can tear myself away from the origami long enough...

Sunday, 29 May 2011

The things I do

I fold paper... Here are some stuff (out of a bunch) I have made recently. Left: Hummingbird, larger-than-life due to me choosing a large sheet of paper for it. Right: A small box/bowl and a peace crane.

I also cook. Today I made a meat pie.

Friday, 27 May 2011

I never finished the 30 day challenge and I - again - lost momentum at writing here. Ah well, luckily it is not something I -have- to do, just something I -can- do when I want!

It has been busy at work, in a non-busy way - I am not stressed for time, but I find myself waiting for others to produce the information I need, and there has been so many moments of nailbiting tension when stuff has crashed.

The part about nailbiting is - unfortunately - literal - I bit my nails to the quick, my cuticles are bleeding and sore, this week, after not biting my nails for months. Ow.

I will try to write a bit more this weekend, or at least post some photos!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Cotton yarn...

After finishing "Ledra" last saturday I have been knitting in thin cotton yarn; doilies and such. Much cooler to handle in the warm weather. And, right on cue, Torgstenen has a prize draw of a nice tweedy cotton yarn from Tedman&Kvist! Hope I win, I could use some variation in my cotton basket, which contains only crochet yarns (which I normally use for tatting) now.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Ledra - pattern for Artesano Silk Embrace

I finished the shawl called Ledra as well as the pattern. Enjoy, world :)
(The pattern is under the tab "patterns" further up!)

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

May 17th

It is the Norwegian Constitution Day today, traditionally a day of celebration. I rarely make any effort - at least partly because I am an expat. Today I pounced at the excuse to wear a nice dress and put up my hair. I don't need an excuse but an excuse feels good. I haven't decided what hat to wear - a trilby, a flat cap, a floppy straw hat perhaps? The army cap is out.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Garden report

Wildflower field... 

Gooseberry bush, still at a tender age.

4o'clock #1

4o'clock #2 (there are more.. they are taking over...)

Zinnia and aster(?)

The most newly sown seeds are in the middle. They are sprouting too!

Test shots

My new compact camera, a canon powershot sx230, arrived last night, and this morning the battery was charged and I could start playing. Mostly been getting used to the feel today, leaving it on auto (although accidentally hitting buttons sometimes). I am happy, although a small part of me is somewhat saddened that it is outcompeting my dSLR ;) Ah well, it had to come, my dSLR is almost 6 years old.

Linus <3 My third photo ever with the new camera. 

Self-portraits in strong morning sun is a good way to test the colours.
Far better white balance than my old camera which was easily blinded by strong light. 

That same morning sun shining its unforgiving light on my livingroom. Lived in, but not embarrassingly untidy, yet. ;)

Test shot on my way to work, eliciting some giggles from a couple of passing girls that also works at LL (at me crouching by the road). Very good colour reproduction here too. And... 

...Good-ish focus on full auto! This is a crop from the middle of the above photo, in its original size. 

Added not for its excellence as a photo, but because it shows the view from my new desk. Neat!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Competitions for shoes

I was tipped off that the TV channel TLC in cooperation with is having a competition where one can win a gift card of 40k sek. Tempting. Could keep me in sneakers for years. ;)

Unventing a way to cable without a cable needle....

That technique of mine for knitting cables (crossing stitches) that people shake their heads at, that I teach sometimes, and that I know noone else that actively uses?

I didn't make it up. If anything, I "unvented" it to use a word of Zimmerman's - she used the word about knitting techniques, with the logic that nothing is new under the sun in the skill of knitting, and that noone really invents anything, thus unvent, like in uncover.

Anyway; I found the technique described in books both by Elizabeth Zimmerman and Marianne Kinzel, two of the grand old ladies of knitting as far as knitting literature is concerned. So there you go. It is a good technique. You should learn it.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Not amused!

My compact camera is dead and I am quite annoyed. Even though I mostly use the dSLR at home it is nice having a small camera that I can carry with me. ALSO: Now I cannot film, and I have promised to film and was looking forwards to it! I like messing about with film!

Anyway. Solving the problem: I ordered a new camera. Yesterday. It hasn't been shipped yet. So now I am annoyed at that too.

Most vexing.