Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Knitter's book tip

If you are fairly comfortable with the different techniques of increase and decrease, as well as knitting and purling, I can strongly recommend this box of five booklets with various stitches. There are no patterns for finished items, and you have to think of things like selvedge or modifying for knitting in the round, but it is full of inspiration and tips for knitting stitches of all kinds. The stitches are ranked after difficulty and drape.


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

On my needles

A lacy scarf to be called Ledra, pattern in progress. Artesano silk embrace. No photos yet, the pattern (and the yarn to make it from) is a gift to my former room mate (who has chosen the yarn from a sample card sent her over the easter weekend) :)

My own version of the scarf is black. So far I like it...

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Wish list

This one should be added to my wish list, fairly high up! Among the most comfy pieces of furniture I have ever spent time in. From Plantagen.

Updated balcony :D

We took a trip to a garden center today, and I came back with loot. No plants; those I have (considering I have sprouts growing in boxes in the windows indoors too), but other things.
A deck chair, sea grass mats for the floor (they smell like the dried grass in barns did in my childhood), some mixed tools and supplies (mostly for my plantlings when they grow bigger and are to be planted out).

What happened to the floor is tragic: I had a beautiful polished concrete floor, smooth, easy to clean, lovely under bare feet. Then the landlord decided to "fix it up" and now it is rough surfaced, impossible to get clean, and full of metal splinters that hurt human and feline feet. Thus the sea grass mats. They are prickly but I will get some rag rugs to put in strategic places to walk on.

I really wanted a green deck chair, lime green, but wound up with a black one when I realised I might drop the kitsch style in the future (my pale turquoise rugs and table cloth is already ruining it, but those are temporary). I am already looking longingly at rose prints and similar "romantic" styles.. as well as a more asian look with bamboo and similar. There were no white chairs else I might have gone with that as the most neutral and future proof option - beige was out of the question.

It is not done - my table/chair set is better suited in a garden and until I have a garden to put it in I am trying to foster it with my mother, whose garden can provide a home for it for a while. I want a comfy set that takes less space and is collapsible for flat storage. Already found what I want. Modern, black textilene, for good and bad - I didn't expect it to be so comfy when I with a sneer sat down to try it out. Now just to find it in stock somewhere.

Also I need shade. The sun is merciless is summer. So a sail needs to go up, so I can shade the part I am sitting in at least.

Plans plans plans!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Lace Shawl Dreams (and a competition)

Yes, yes, I never give up. May is for those eternal lace projects in thin yarn, while winter is for chunky warm knits. Now it is may really soon - and I made my own lace shawl pattern once, now I would like to make a more advanced pattern to share with you all.

Anyway; there is a competition over at Torgstenen's blog, go look at that lovely colour! (I know most of my readers are scandinavian so I won't bother translating their post for you all.)

What do you think? To be inspired by the lace shawls in the last edition of Knitty or to make my own pattern from scratch?

Thursday, 14 April 2011


My yarn stash is growing again.

My current favourite yarn, Artesano Silk Embrace (Silk + Suri Alpaca) is going to be stopped manufactured, and I couldn't bear the thought. So I bought some of everything. This is quite a load of yarn: Remember that one ball is enough for a scarf and three for a blanket the size of my door (a nice shawl that is). There are two more pink colours and a white, those were out of stock already so no go.

Still.. now I just have to figure out what to do with all of this. At least a blue scarf for myself. But it is fairly far down on my knitting list seeing as it is going to just get warmer from now on (or one can hope), for a few months anyway..

May is for knitting lace out of teeny tiny fingering weight yarn.

Talking of which, think I am up to 2mm needles? I am far from sure, but now I own them, so at least I can eye them suspiciously and get used to the idea.

Go to and order your own!
(The lovely lady who runs it will ship to Sweden and Norway at least, maybe more).
This particular yarn knits best on around 6mm needles, btw. 

Working at home...

I wound up working from 0800-2000. Hard to stop when I find the flow. I had a few microbreaks clicking on my tabs in the other (the "private") browser and after a bit I started FB-status:ing my way through the day. A longer break was had sometime between 18 and 19 when I got a very late lunch break.

All in all a productive day although I had some false starts.

Here are my statuses from the past 24h or so, just to give some idea why I am not blogging...

Wed. 19:29 Jobbar hemmafrån imorgon. Har redan kommit på ett antal dokument jag behöver som ligger kvar på jobbet. Hrm. Ta det från minnet eller ringa in imorgon? Hmmhmm.. svårt.

Wed. 20:22 raspberry smoothie for dinner.

 14:30 WorkWorkWork. A handful of pistachios and cashew nuts for lunch while talking on the phone with my boss. The salt isn't good for me. Now: Back to our future!

16:36 WorkWorkWork. I want to draw my graphs in paint, it would save some time. Time is money, right?
Comment: Saying that apparently broke the block on my graph-making-skills!

17:31 WorkWorkWork, excel is obeying me now

17:46 WorkWorkWork: Finally found the flow after somewhat in excess of nine hours work. Maybe I am more of an evening person than I like to admit.

19:59 WorkWorkWork: Got a break when H arrived with a spinach pizza for me, demanding I take a break and eat some food. Also a short walk outside in the sun to pick up my mail. The walk triggered a whole new set of thoughts though... is there a word limit to this?

Friday, 8 April 2011

The will and the ideas are there, but my hands and my brain seem strangely disconnected. Little crafting is thus done - I suffer almost complete exhaustion from work. I don't work particularly long days, just... a lot happens during the hours I am there. Painful weariness, pulling at my limbs.

On the upside a long walk with H earlier in the week led to new materials being purchased, and I got two commissions at work; a choker and a bookmark for two colleagues. Looking forward to be able to work at it!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Social experiments

Sometimes I do inadvertent social experiments. Today I discovered that if you tell people what you dream, they tend to get very engaged in the matter and give lots of questions and feedback and thought to it. When I think back, this has always been so both when I tell and I observe others telling. This morning I told of a dream on Facebook and it triggered responses from a very mixed group of people (that don’t know eachother), that also started interacting with eachother and tell of their own dreams.

Very interesting!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Day 25: A first

This morning I opened a jar of bitter orange marmalade that I had never tasted before. It was ok. Not as good as the lemon marmalade I prefer on my breakfast bread.

Seriously? I don't know what to write on this subject. What does it mean? Oh wait I have one:
I met my boyfriend's parents for the first time in early december. They are nice people!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Day 24: Something that makes me cry

Being excluded, pushed out of a group in some way or other. The feeling of being unwanted and unneeded.

Exhaustion, especially coupled with joint pain.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Do I make stuff on commission?

I am asked now and then if I make things on commission, or if I sell the things I make.

The answer is yes, and yes.
The answer is also no, and no.

I will make things on commission; but only if the project is interesting to me, and if I feel the reward is satisfying. Reward = Any material or financial gain, appreciation and ego bolstering feedback, to spreading the word that I will make for sale and thus bringing me future customers. The better I know you, the less "physical" value feels important to me. If I do sell things I tend to want money that at least is better paid than asian berry pickers, however. This surprises a lot of people and makes them decide they will buy something cheaper mass produced. I am fine with that, I am not fine with their apparent belief that I am overcharging. Haggling is OK, completely underpricing is not. Would you work for less than USD2 per hour?

That said: I am more than happy to custom make things, using all the crafting techniques I know. So don't be afraid to get in touch if you have cravings for something you think I can make. :-) 

I don't bite, I am fairly easily bribed, and I have problems resisting a challenge. I also like the idea of working together to find out what is wanted and then trying to reproduce that vision. 

Various Tatted Items...

Detail of the last project I made from the teaching book.
I am not wholly done with the book, but it there is only one pattern left in it I have not attempted. It is for a table runner, so I am skipping it more because of the size and repetitive boredom of the project than because it is difficult (it isn't). 

Bracelet made mainly during lunch breaks at work.
The beads I added at home, they are strung onto elastic to make it easier to slip it over the hand. 

Bracelet made today while watching NCIS.
Will forever in my mind be tied to murder. 

Bookmark, intended as a gift.
Does it look like flowers or not?

The first bracelet I made, based on the bookmark I made as one of my first projects.
Also my first beaded item.
I gifted it to my mother seeing as she liked it :)

Day 23: Something that makes me feel better

Flowers. Plants overall. Both buying or receiving cut flowers or potted plants, and pottering around in my own potted garden (ha ha).

The colour green. Partly because of the above, partly because of its harmonic calm feeling without blues coldness, and partly... have you ever read Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy? In it, there is a reference (ok, several) to 'the white and the green' as opposites (that can merge and mix under certain conditions). To me the white represents something clinical, sterile, scary, while the green is living and crumbling at the edges and changing and happy and nurturing.

Locking myself up for a week with the necessary food supplies ready, reading, crafting, watching tv shows after they were originally broadcast (maybe catching up on entire seasons in a week), eventually cleaning and tidying my surroundings when my energy levels rise.


Ventilating. Talking about anything and everything with someone I trust (mainly H).

Because someone are bound to think it unless I comment: Retail therapy does not, maybe surprisingly to those who know me medium well, belong in the above. I only shop when I am doing fine and my energy levels are well enough for me to get restless. 

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Day 22: Something that upsets me

I was trying to think of things that upsets me, and failing at finding any non-obvious pattern that didn't feel too personal (people hurting me intentionally or unintentionally), when my mother unintentionally provided me with a subject by accidentally triggering one of my pet peeves.


Translate correctly. Please. And at least make an attempt at getting the grammar right. And the spelling. (I don't mind being corrected either, though I do admit to researching any corrections before I trust them). The worst are ignorance based on laziness. I can be a lazy speller myself, at least in IRC, but I everywhere else I try to make an effort and I get rather upset when people systematically fail to do so. I don't understand how they can miss seeing their errors.

And while Google translate can be fun and might be a good tool to get a grasp of what is said if one lack the understanding of the language necessary to skim through it, if one DO have a basic grasp of what is being said, and especially if one intends to republish some of the material, be sure to translate carefully and with a dictionary.

Else the translation might turn out a bit funny.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Day 21: Another moment

In the seconds before the dentist turned on the bright light overhead, I noticed that they had tacked a poster of killer whales onto the ceiling centered above the chair.