Thursday, 24 February 2011

The many adventures of the brave blue fish

There has been too few pictures here lately.

I have some photos in the cameras which I have not emptied; among other things of more tatted items, a rat which had eaten rat poison in our warehouse, and other not so exciting things.

So, to the rescue, comes the blue fish hat!

Two out of four knitted items up for grabs have gone on to new homes and the blue fish hat is one of them.
I have received a photo of it before, but today I received more - apparently it has been in Paris...:

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Ancient history

In 1999/2000 I was doing some sort of art/traditional craft study at a school in Norway. My enthusiasm for the teachers was varying, and my diligence in studying was questionable. Nonetheless, there are items from that period which I still have and which are worth showing. Regrettably (yes, I really think so now) I gave away too much.

This is my first and only attempt at carving an image and printing from the block. The Norns.
Printing was tested at a short stint as an exchange student to Ă…land.

After I found it a few weeks back I have been considering buying equipment and doing more printing; it is certainly one of the things I have shown more aptitude for, and it is something which can be practiced in a two room city flat (unlike wood carving or metal moulding).

Today I finally got around to framing it. Luckily the thin paper has not been ruined in the passing years and moves.

Thanks to VK for buying me a frame (and, unlike me yesterday, not breaking the glass on the way home)!
Thanks Bro! Drop by soon again!