Saturday, 29 January 2011

The new glasses, now with head

Beledra requested photo proof of the new glasses in facebook. I am still not sure they are a good idea, and I am trying to make it plain. ;)


Linus wanted to be in a photo too. 

Tatting-attempt #5

This one actually became a finished item. Didn't take too long either.

Friday, 28 January 2011

My layout..

I had hacked it too much and it was very buggy - mostly annoying myself I suppose, but still. If I fail completely now I will put it back up bugs and all, until I have a go again, but for now I am experimenting. There might be a lot of changes here through the next couple of days.

New glasses...


I am not totally sure about them - I fear I might look a bit like my father in them... but at the same time I like pilot frames and having a larger frame that does not intrude so much on my field of vision is comfortable.

Not so comfortable is having a new pair of glasses that corrects astigmatism. No matter if it is a new prescription or not it is a dizzying experience. I feel slightly sea sick and right now I took them off while writing this to rest my tired head. Will wear them through the weekend to see, but 2-14 days of getting used to a new pair is normal so I have no real worry. I just have to decide upon the aesthetic aspect...

The glasses (here is the direct link) came from LensWay!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

About blocking

I received a question about blocking a knitted garment after my mention of it a few days back.

Here is an article that explains it fairly well. 

Reading status

I have not been reading in the real meaning of the word, for weeks, months. This is new, rare - most of my life I have been chewing through several books per week.

However, I have been listening to audio books while doing other things. Ten PD James books started it out. Now I am in the middle of Horizons of Cosmology by Joseph Silk. I like listening to factual books as audio books while sewing or knitting - a quirk that developed in 2007 when I was sewing and listening to Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan. I now see galaxies and solar systems in my head when I look at my owl embroidery, which I have been unable to finish due to lack of books on the right topic.. at least that is what I claim.

Monday, 24 January 2011

And a new project..

Knitting traditional norwegian mittens in bright lime green and black alpaca yarn (Artesano alpaca 4ply). Going to have to block these, I see, my knitting is usually neat enough that I get away without blocking most of the things I make...

Finished project

My shawl is finished. I hung it in the kitchen doorway to give some idea about its size. Knit in Artesano Silk Embrace which is a silk+suri alpaca mix. And Linus TOTALLY loves that yarn. I have more of it, in other colours, and he is doing his best to befriend it. Other balls of yarn he might fight, but not this - it is cuddly and he headbutts it to show his friendly kittenish intentions. And when he finds the shawl he starts purring. Every time.

Friday, 21 January 2011


Beledra asked me to blog about it when I wrote a status update in Facebook about having had a fantastic week at work.

I have more work than I can do in many weeks on my to do list, this makes me happy.
Another thing that makes me happy: My team is great. They make sure everything runs as usual, prioritise well, and ask wise questions, so that my absence with the switchboard project is no big deal. I am so lucky with them, not having to supervise, or prioritise, or tell them what to do, or ask critical questions to other people on their behalf, getting to spend more time project managing (right now anyway) than managing.

My team is the best.

Just so you know.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Selling stuff

  1. The fish hat is for sale. Knit out of acrylic yarn and not suited for the coldest weather the winter can throw at us, but fine for the rest of the cold season. Adult sized.
  2. The green owl mittens are for sale. Knit out of wool, but the chunky yarn and open top means they are mostly suited to thawing weather, or chilly autumn and spring days. I don't know much about glove sizes, but maybe a woman's M/L if going according to the H&M sizes... ;)
  3. The scarf is for sale. Knit out of the softest sheep wool, and suitable for cold days and slightly warmer days both. I wore it as a kind of short poncho to keep my shoulders warm at work one day, then decided the sheep wool is too irritating to my skin (I get an allergic reaction to it) and that it is highly doubtful that I will wear it again.

Interested in any of the items? Get in touch!

Learning to tat

Tatting is a way of making a durable lace by knots. I first saw it being done about a year ago and decided then to learn, but I have so many projects going that it took until now before something actually happened.

The lace is made by the use of a small shuttle about 2 inches long. The yarn used is crochet thread, rather thin. Apparently I use thinner thread than is recommended for beginners according to my book. My original idea was to learn it and apply it on thicker yarn to make lacy looking edges for my knit work.

I have a book (with a DVD which I haven't looked at), and I decided initially to follow the steps to learn ("classes") in the book. However Class 1 meant making a foot or two of spiraling string (to learn the stitches properly). After a few inches I got bored. 
From left, attempt #1, 2, 3 and 4
Class 2 showed how to make a circle, then there was a project. This I skipped, and used the circle technique to make a small blue butterfly inspired by a photo on the back of the book. I also added picots from the explanation of Deliana from way back when she first showed me what she was doing  (incidentally, the first time I met her). 

Class 3 I think was actually making a butterfly so that I had already done. I started flipping randomly through the book, on the opinion that I already understood the basic techniques, and started making stuff from the pictures without looking at the explanations. Thus two strings of lace started coming into appearance, the first one simple and mostly meant to test connecting the circles, the second one will if I continue turn into a small circle which could decorate a card or something. 

This is the way I usually learn things. Hubris. 

Come off my needles

The hat I knitted Saturday morning a week ago, prior to going to meet H for some shopping. The scarf I knit up Sunday.

The scarf has been on my todo list for a very long time (the turquoise yarn is actually the hat which I eventually frogged), but since I bought the yarn I have discovered alpaca yarn and the fact that it does not irritate my skin the way wool from sheep do (such an allergic wreck). The width up and down can be adjusted by letting out the ribbons - the knitting itself is wide enough to go round my shoulders like a poncho.

"The police wants to speak to you"

When I arrived home after work Monday evening, a bright orange note on the doormat caught my attention more than the late Christmas card lying beside it. The note had the logo of the police, and said that the police wanted to urgently get in touch with me. There was a name, Peter, and telephone numbers, but no surname or about what they wanted to speak to me.

It was fancily worded and I actually did not know what it said at first, although I did understood the general message. My mind were doing loops. What had I done wrong? Had I listened to audio books too loud? Had the neighbours reported me? I have no car, or even a driver's license, so it could not be traffic related. Had someone complained due to the building noise, the night time drilling in concrete walls, thinking it was me? It isn't me!! It's the bloody upstairs neighbour! Or maybe it is information about a crime committed by some neighbour that I ought to know about? Or wanting my witness statement? WHAT COULD IT BE?

I did realise that this was a matter which would not go away if I ignored it, and so while waiting for H to reply to my message asking what the fancy words meant, I called one of the numbers listed. I got an answering machine so left my work number and name there, expecting the mysterious nameless Peter to call back.

That he did, of course a few hours after I had forgotten all about it, so I got all stressed again.
His first words, "Yeees. So. You have been sued, by someone in Norway. Do you know what it is about?"

At those words, I did. My sister! <3 So all is well, and I happily signed the papers when he dropped by to leave me my copy. Unless I do something everything will be as I want. It is just unlucky that in the Nordic countries you have to sue your family members to get paternity formally accepted... In my opinion it takes up alot of expensive man hours in various branches of public service organisations that could spend their hours in more valuable pursuits. But since it works the same way in several countries, I presume they find it a functioning solution.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Making lasagne in a tidy flat. Well, apart from the hallway which is full of things to be taken away.

Christmas tree, christmas box, stuff to go to recycling, random stuff to go to storage or be donated.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

X-stitch paperback cover

H borrowed one of my paperback covers this autumn for a while, and liked it - it does protect the book when you carry it around, and the built in bookmark means at least I don't put the book down back up but open to keep my place.

However we were unable to find any that looked good - pink ones that said Bible and similar were the only that seemed to be in existance nowadays. So I figured making one would be a good present for him. Of course, since I am not very adept at using a sewing machine, I completely underestimated the amount of work involved in the number of attempts I had to make at assembly. Not to mention the hours and hours of embroidery hell. Also, H just wouldn't leave me alone, wanting to visit me or me to visit him all the time, or for us to go out and do stuff.

Sometimes I was unaware he was heading here and I heard the key in the door and had to dive for cover.

But he never suspected and luckily he never went looking in my conspicuous white box that was randomly standing in the middle of my floor for weeks and weeks (maybe it seems normal, hehe).

Here is the result anyway. I hunted down screen shots which I zoomed in on to get as accurate as possible patterns, although it is still not exact.

Alpaca mittens

I have knitted two pairs of mittens in Schachenmayr Alpaka - both in a herringbone pattern. Mine have a trigger finger and from some angles look like Nightcrawlers hands. The other pair were a Christmas gift for H's mother, who likes to have her fingers free when she is driving.

My mittens are probably the warmest mittens I have ever owned - even in -20c they were very warm and cozy, even with the separate index finger. The herringbone pattern adds to the warmness since it makes them effectively double layer, there always being a thread of the opposite colour behind the stitch. The reason for the tridactyl design is that I like having the use of my hands, but gloves are colder than mittens. This combines the best of both worlds.

Christmas Gift Mittens


Slightly cross-eyed in all my pictures of her. I never noticed it before. 


NYE - and the two following days - were mostly spent playing board games. Among other games we played Robo Rally.

Linus wanted to be in the dining/living rooms with us, after he finally realised where I disappeared to. For the first bit more than 24h he seemed perfectly happy staying in the three rooms where the cats were allowed. He was making squeaky noises on the glass door. He also scratched on the kitchen door. The last evening we let him into the dining room where we were playing and after alot of exploring he slept on a chair by my side. The last day before we left he wanted desperately to explore the rest of the big house however.. that was when I took these photos. He will have to save that pleasure for another time.

Windows 7 and Canon dSLR

I have had much frustration trying to get my Canon 350d talk to my w7 laptop, but the solution turned out to be fairly simple: Change the setting in the camera from PC connection to Print. Voila.

The Work Rant

I was supposed to write this post before Christmas, but the last day of work came, and then came the stress along with me being knocked out with fever again, and then life just proceeded with lots to do every day and heaps of things left undone.

This is an account of the past six months at work, and may not be very interesting to people not concerned, but I want to write it down to get it off my mind, and also getting some input from others who know me more or less well will be useful, I believe. The delay has made it all less clear in my head, but this I believe is to the good.

I chose to use a jump break here, so the rest of the post is not visible on the front page.