Thursday, 30 December 2010

On my needles

Finally started knitting my new shawl. Bought the yarn in early/mid december, and had planned to knit the shawl over the holidays, but due to my illness I didn'n start until today. Linus already went to sleep on it and refused to move several times, in payment I had him model what I have done so far.. :)

It is 14% done - knitting it width-wise (meaning the long edges below will be the short edges on a similarly shaped item) and it will be looong. One of the biggest projects (at least in surface area) that I have ever knitted, and meant to give me self-confidence to tackle other big things. Knitted in simple lace. The yarn is Artesano Silk Embrace and the shawl will be knit out of only three balls of the stuff. Rather expensive but it goes a long way and knits quickly. Silk and alpaca.

Back(b)log, TREE!

H the Hero brought me a plastic christmas tree from the supermarket the 23rd and, although with more than two degrees celsius in fever, I managed to build it and decorate it that evening.

Back(b)log, Mini-gift production.

A few of the heap of stitch markers I made before Christmas. Turned out to be a good gift to all my knitting acquaintances, at least I have heard good things from three recipients...

Back(b)log, Birthday

The tea pot was a birthday gift, like, the best ever, pretty much. The plates I already owned. And yea, the stuff is very much not made anymore, so getting a tea pot in mint condition was a wow-experience!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I just thought I'd make a quick post - I am alive, been ill again, but better now, and my flat has been attacked by builders, so Linus and I evacuated to H's place for some days. Now we are home and with a pile of things to do, all the furniture was stacked in a corner...

But first things first, sleep.

(Oh, and I gave H the boardgame Robo Rally for xmas, plenty fun. So far he has learnt what lasers do, and what happens when you get pushed so your program puts you into a pit. But he is a stubborn fighter and he is so going to kick my ass eventually :/)

Friday, 17 December 2010

A not so Xmassy Xmas Party

Let my department at arranging the Xmas party at work, and the theme becomes anything but. It is going to be GREAT! It is the 1920s, it is illegal, there is mafia, there is decadence and an illegal pub in the basement, and illegal gambling.

Last night before I went home we left this setup in the hallway:

Some music to get in the right mood here!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Birthday cakes

Because noone else ever makes (or buys) me birthday cakes, I made my own. These are to be (mostly) brought to work tomorrow.

 Big cake, small muffins, big muffins, in that order.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Pen thievery

The only way I get to keep my pens at work is to mark them with my name, preferably with notes inside the actual pen (if it is transparent) so they cannot be easily removed.


Otherwise they disappear in less than a day from I get a new one.


Thieves, I tell you.

Friday, 10 December 2010

'Twas nice knowing you

SJ, the Swedish railroads company, hasn't been doing well when white stuff falls from the sky the past years. It has come to the point that if it snows while you are on a train, you have to expect the train to stop, be locked and shut down, and for all the passengers to be stuck in a cold train for at least five hours.

Tomorrow I am going on a train. Goodbye...

Friday, 3 December 2010

Pre-Xmas Bliss





Missing the Norwegian part though.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Modesty Stuff

Akademibokhandeln, Åhlens, Bokia and probably alot more shops have desk calendars and notebooks with Modesty Blaise print. (I bought an A4 lined notepad I do not need. <3).

Also; here is a laptop sleeve with that print we love so much: 13,3" and 15,4-15,6"

Too bad I just bought a plain black sleeve. 

Here's some more.