Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Smelly kitchen?

The one thing with having my balcony unavailable to me is that my kitchen smells like roses. The reason being that there are roses growing in my kitchen, of course.

In other news? I did something uncharacteristic and ate falafel for dinner. The uncharacteristic part being both dinner at all and the falafel. I haven't bought food like that in over ten years.

And there was the usual confusion about whether tomato sauce actually counts if a customer specifies "no tomato". Kinda amusing really, this tomato-based ignorance I encounter in Stockholm... :-D

In other news there aren't much happening, so little that I don't have anything I want to write (although I have an idea for a series of posts I really should write!). I am working, reading a bit, working some more, trying to sleep, hanging out with various cats.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Slice alittle here, alittle there...

There are many ways to prune a tree.

I wouldn't recommend the way they did it with this birch.

Honestly though, I just randomly cut away at my roses and they turn out very well, though I am sure I cut the wrong amount and at the wrong times if you would ask someone that knows. Still. They are happy plants.

But even with my lack of know-how I am pretty sure this isn't the way to prune a birch.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Accidental match

Julia did it.
Apparently, the day after, so did I. With an unlikely green that I love.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Builders 3

They actually started doing something yesterday! When I came home my balcony door was locked from the outside. My balcony is however intact. At least they decided to not put the house under wraps while they work - it means I still get daylight.

Tomorrow is the day scheduled for work on the heating. Wonder if they'll come, and when?

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Green thumb

Some people claim I have a green thumb.

It is true that I seem to have a home where plants are thriving
(though I also seem to be throwing away an awful lot of plants).

But I must admit that the two things I have the most success with are:

...orchids (ignore them and they bloom)

...and lucky bamboo from ikea, as seen on the picture to the left.

The season where everything becomes green

It is spring, finally, and the world is becoming greener for every day. Although I suffer heavily from the pollen, I love the greenery, the plants.

 After talking about it for most of winter I got around to matching myself to my inner self a bit more, and striped my hair in green. Tried going for the natural look - yes, you read right. Natural looking green stripes. They blend fairly well in my hair actually. Unfortunately, my hair being in such good shape since I found a shampoo that actually fulfills all my demands except one*, the colour washes out really quickly and I'll need to re-dye in just a few days.

None of the photos do the colour justice, of course, but they were the best I was able to get at the moment. The colour is actually pretty much the same as when I had dyed the entire hair green.

* Makes my hair clean, and it stays cleanish for 36 hours unless I go do something stupid, it doesn't cause allergy, it doesn't wear on the hair but rather helps keep it healthy, and it makes it frizz-free as a result. The one thing missing? It unfortunately smells like bubble-gum. Yuck!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Beyond the pale, I mean, scale

Accuweather goes beyond the temperature scale today. Apparently I should not trust the sun outside but dress warmly...

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Builders 2

They are changing the heating in the entire house. This is probably good since it isn't working very well.

They are coming here next thursday. I even got the times I need to be at home, very specified on a detailed sheet of paper with lots of information, with over a weeks advance notice.

"Ca between 0800 and 1600".

Doodling at 6am

Monday, 10 May 2010


They were going to begin work on my balcony week 17. Now is week 19. The house isn't even under wraps yet. They are going to change all the windows too. At this rate it won't be done before the snow arrives in the autumn.

What can I say, why did I expect anything different?


Mymlan writes so well about overload. In Swedish but go read!

That is such an apt description of what it is like to live.

Of course there are differences, we are different people. But the main is the same. I use music in earphones just for the reasons she avoids it: It shuts out the world, the context, I don't know what is going on. In a passive situation like sitting on the bus or a train that suits me well.

I remember things. Random things that pop up when getting reminders like this. I never thought I was the only one feeling like this but it is still good to get a reminder that I am not alone, not unique. I don't feel sorry for myself (most of the time), but I am.. challenged by living my life. So are others however!

I especially remember one situation, the beginning of learning to making excuses instead of telling the truth.
I was at work, it was afternoon, friday. My then coworker asked if I wanted to tag along getting a burger or something after work. My mind froze: I had a Plan, going home to clean the kitchen. It was needed. If I went to do something else on the way home that wouldn't happen. I opened my mouth and said "No, I am going to clean my kitchen!". The other coworkers started laughing at what they perceived as a blunt dismissal of the poor fellow. My mind froze again, and I pulled into myself, hiding. After that I started learning to make vague excuses and perhaps a counter offer of a better time. The situation above is however one that I keep reviewing and that pops up in my head a few times a year.

And I presume the context of the above memory won't make much sense if you were unable to read the Swedish text I linked to.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Hacking Billy

This plan has been underway since sometime just after Christmas when I decided it was a nuisance if I had to do something at the computer for more than 1-2 minutes, seeing as the monitor is in the shelf.

The basic plan has been the same all the time; to mount another shelf in front - the means of doing so has varied in my head through the months. I wanted it to be detachable, so that it wouldn't be in the way when I wasn't working.

In early february I bought the bar stool, thus getting a step closer to finishing the plan. And last week I hatched the plan that was the one that came into being: Instead of having the worktop completely detachable it is hinged and folds down as a door over the shelf beneath it. I am going to re-arrange the contents, using that shelf more as a storage unit.

Works fine - but it gives a little bit too much, not as stable as I would have liked. I am going to solve this by simply adding a piece of twine to support it from above. And I intend to paint the edges, which are raw still. What do you think?

Friday, 7 May 2010


Sometimes, groups of people get a collective delusion, simultaneously starting to believe something for no apparent reason at all. I am fascinated by the phenomenon, especially so when the delusion involves me. How does this thing come into being, what creates it, how does it spread, or is it ignited into all minds at the same time by some strange trigger unknown to me?

Thursday, 6 May 2010


What did I do wrong today? Am I wearing something weird? Obviously, but what?


On the short walk from the bus stop to work (less than five minutes) no less than two car drivers pointed at me and a person on a motor cycle slowed and looked too.


So, great start on the day, unsure of myself, anxious and upset, saddened. Why can’t I just be invisible? Why must people find me so offending?



Saturday, 1 May 2010



Beef, mushrooms
My garlic tomato sauce in sparse amounts to not be to overpowering
Fresh basil

Just lacks someone to share with and tell me I did a good job :)

Going home from work the last day of April