Thursday, 31 December 2009

One of the last nights of the decade

Just before 4pm December 30th 2009, outside the place I work.

A photographic summary of the past couple of weeks

  1. Pepper likes scratches.
  2. Ole Einar likes the view and poses willingly.
  3. Linus loves his piece of string and didn't mind wearing it on his head in the least.
  4. Another try at making an unwilling plant survive...
  5. My view turned frosty!
  6. Hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

I find it extremely frustrating and humiliating that I am unable to open "child safe" bottles. Like cleaning detergents, mouth rinse, and other substances that would be quite useful to be able to get at.

(And if you didn't guess it, this post is tagged "arthritis", even though blogger hides the tags.)

Oniochalasia and Bibliophiles.

I learnt something new about myself today. When I realised it, it did not truly surprise me however, it was more of an "ah, of course" thing. So what happened?

A colleague tipped me off that my favourite bookshop (or at least the one where I most frequently shops) are about to close and that they are selling out everything at a 50% discount. I have been planning what to order on amazon but I guess that can wait a month - I bought 14 books today. And it seems it is quite literally one from every genre, which is good - going to keep me occupied for the coming month.

When I came home I stacked them up in my bookshelf - I usually stack unread books in front of other books and place them more permanently once they are read. And looking at my neat stacks of books to read, I felt my shoulders relaxing and a feeling of safety descend on me.

My cat gets anxious if there is no or little food in his bowl. "I am going to starve!" he tells me. It seems I have a similar unconscious worry about books.

And slightly related: An acquaintance said of me many years ago that I suffer book-bulimia.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Sporadic posting

Over the holidays I have been rather sporadic with posting, in fact my only post was written early december and scheduled. A colleague just asked "how often do you blog" and I said "on an average it has been daily the past half year" but I am not sure it is quite true with my past weeks radio silence. Need to get up to speed!

Sooo... Talk to you later :)

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Owl cable mittens

I knit these in late november/early december, but timed the blog post to late Christmas Eve, since they are a gift for mother and I don't want to give her a hint.
White owl cable mittens lined with blue velvet.

Merry Christmas, Mum :)

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

You've got mail! (Just joking..)

I could swear I heard the postman open the mail slot at least once yesterday, but I could never find any mail on the door mat. I guess s/he was just teasing. :/


Traditions are strange things.
And somehow it seems that some traditions demand more respect than others.

When my family vetoed my Christmas Eve menu, I suggested a compromise of having that food the day before, which they accepted. I am not particularly looking forward to tomorrows food, but I accepted it since it seemed important to them.

So far so good. However, today is "my day". And it doesn't seem they are taking it seriously.
I don't exactly know what is the problem. I have explained that I buy Indian takeout and reheat it later, eating it by the table on real plates, and that that is my Christmas Eve dinner. But when we came home now my brother declared that he is hungry and is going to eat NOW (after declining food twice in the two past hours), and when I say "hey wait a moment that's not what we agreed" mother shushes me and tells him to go ahead.

I feel a lack of respect towards my traditions. I wonder how they would react if I did the same with their christmas dinner.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Origami Searchers - Welcome!

Considering how many of my visitors are searching online via Google or other search engines for various origami related topics and winding up here, I hope you are finding something helpful.

If there is specific information you want, feel free to leave me a comment or send me a note - I might know how to do it and I enjoy making tutorials for folding.

Friday, 18 December 2009

....and for some effing reason neither post time, posted by, labels or anything else (apart from the comments link) is visible beneath the posts. Bah blogger!

Let It Snow!

I enjoyed the snow for a couple of days and I would love to go sledding.

However the snow also brought something else with it - my joint pains blossomed up again. I have felt immortal for the last few months as my new medicines started working, but with the cold and moist inflammation rules me and walking is a problem. I don't know if I can knit still, I haven't dared try. It makes me angry and sad and makes me feel handicapped and old. It also makes me very tired physically and I haven't managed to work as much as I wished this week. The inflammation makes me tired (like a flu or cold) as well as affecting the quality of my sleep.

I am off for the coming week, mother and VK (my brother) are coming here to celebrate Xmas with me, ETA sometime Sunday. I have to clean this place up. If I can manage to move enough. No matter, it will be nice. And hopefully the rest and possibility to sleep in will make me feel better so the last few days of December can be productive.

I think I am going to go sit in the bathtub for an hour, the heat helps. I just hope I won't fall asleep.

Thursday, 17 December 2009


So, a more full account of my day.

In the morning I slept in, thanks to Tim & Kiti, who I don't think realised that my wish to come in later had nothing to do with the 1 beer I had drunk tuesday night but rather the fact that I was terrified someone would suggest singing for me at the weekly meeting for the department.

That fate avoided, I caught a late bus - which crashed within 20 meters. Slid on the snow, took down some road signs and smashed into a wall. Yay. Off the bus and taking the more reliable metro...

Arriving at work, there were things on my desk.

Fazer Christmas chocolate and jelly beans! Me being me I didn't know whether to be touched or embarrassed, so I wound up pushing them to the side and getting to work.

Since I didn't have lunch with me for once, I went around asking coworkers if anyone wanted to go out for a late lunch with me - of course most had already eaten. However my boss volunteered, and then proceeded to take me to a posh place (at least pricewise for being a lunch restaurant!) and bought me lunch there. Definitely getting embarrassed now.

Not much more really happened that is out of the ordinary; I was going to go buy wine but was too late and they closed in front of my nose. Instead I bought tea - I have a birthday tradition of drinking a really good tea, preferably one I haven't had before, and eating a cookie. This year I bought the Prince Vladimir tea (by Kusmi Teas) that I have wanted for a while and been sniffing every chance I got - and guess what! It was as good as it smelled. A baguette and a ripe camembert completed my evening meal. Yes, I know, tea might not be the best thing to accompany that but I drink tea with any meal. Tea is good.

The best part of the day? All the greetings online, which I don't find embarrassing. Pretty much every communication medium I am on (different sites, IRC, other instant messengers, forums) had greetings for me when I logged on. Touching! <3

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

December 16th

So far today (but not anything earlier): Sms’es from mother and my big sister. A christmas chocolate with red ribbon around it. A box of jelly beans (20 flavours). Fish&Risotto lunch.


Thank you everyone! <3


Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Morning and evening photos!

Morning photo:

Even more snow arrived - walking in a winter wonderland to work. I quite enjoyed it except for slipping and falling, getting snow under my coat and soaking wet all along the left side from ankles to above the waist. But in a way it was fun too. I haven't played in the snow for many years, it didn't hurt and I didn't get all cold or anything, just wet and a bit surprised.

Evening photo:

Going out with some coworkers after work we wound up in Helene's @St.Eriksplan, where they served immense portions. This is my plate after I had eaten pretty much as much as I could manage. All the portions were served on serving platters instead of plates, massive amounts of food. Very good too - and there were things I could eat without much adjustment on the menu.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Morse ircing ftw.

Another origami tutorial

Here is a tutorial of how to make these! :)

Two images showing the same with different size paper. One is a square, the other a rectangle. You can use any size paper as long as it ends in the same way when you fold it (fold, and then cut it at the folds). I recommend a paper width of about 3 inches (7,5cm) for the neatest results, but you can use any size you want (the smallest I have worked with was 1,5 cm wide but that was a bit bothersome and I didn't make many).

Fold the red lines all in the same directions and crease well, unfold. Then fold all the blue lines in the opposite direction. Crease well. It will collapse very easily into the streamer shape, and you can glue several together to make a long one. It is a simple model that even children find easy to do as long as they manage to be exact. Have fun!

Autoimmune disease

In other news I got piggy shot #2 today after discussing it with the doctor that came to work to give shots. He was of the opinion that I am in the severe risk group that really needs two shots. That was how I was interpreting the information too, but I still have problems identifying myself with the same risk group as cancer and HIV patients... But no, I still haven't misunderstood my diagnosis. I think so regularly ("I must have misinterpreted, I am not that ill, it can't be as severe as all that...").

I have also had two cups of coffee which made me run and bounce and jump from work to the bus stop, happy happy joy joy. Hyper happy. Coffeeeeee. :-)

Birthday Wishes

I had a birthday wish for snow. I got it (a few days in advance). I don't really care if it goes away tomorrow, I had one day and going both to and from work with snow, and out to lunch, and it was fun and I was happy. Ideally it will stay like this for two weeks (a few millimeters of snow and no slush and not much colder than this), then go away completely until next december.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Celebrity PRAO

We got some celebrity help in customer services! :D

Entrelac tam

It is slowly progressing. I don't think this is the right yarn for it, though, since the different colours make the structure less visible. On the other hand, maybe that is good for a learning project, as mistakes won't be so visible ;)

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Let's talk about food!

I was standing in the bar talking with some coworkers when suddenly Ola, one of the catering people came up to me and took my arm to get my attention. "Come, let's go and talk about food!" he said.

The most fun about that incident was seeing my coworkers' expressions - "easiest pick-up line ever" as one of them said.

The catering people had gotten my list early in the week, and had been pondering how to solve my problem. They did wonderfully, I was standing in the kitchen watching my lunch being prepared and stacked on a plate ("and I have peeled two carrots for you!"), and for dinner I got a few specially made meat balls and a bowl of sallad (potatoes, beans, lettuce, bellpepper), both times in addition to the couple of things on the buffet table I could eat - a buffet table which I had been guided through and gotten to know how and with what ingredients everything was made.

Great thanks to the people at Saluplats 30 (also here) for dealing with complicated diets professionally and with humour!

I think I am going to have to go by and see if I can buy some bread or something - the bread we got with dinner was REALLY good!

Thursday, 10 December 2009


Learning to knit entrelac by trial and failure. It isn't too complicated but it will be seen if my first attempt will actually look good or not.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Now I've bought stamps for SEK 179.

Unfortunately I don't think it'll be enough but I will see how far it goes, at least then I will know how much more I need.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The anti-food list...

...but in Swedish!

I had to compile this since I decided to attend work's Christmas party the coming friday, sent it in today. Lovely, I am sure the people responsible for the catering loves me (though in all fairness, last years catering company did a wonderful job - the avocado-potato-sallad was to die for). Pasting the list here too for your enjoyment.

It is actually censored; there are alot more things on the list that I refuse to list because I either like them too much so I pretend I can eat them, or that I have never had bad effects from. Here are a few of those items: Tea. Coffee. Cocoa/chocolate. Cranberries. Raspberries. Mango. Papaya. Wheat and alot of cereals/other grains. Carbonated soft drinks. Wine. Beer.

The list goes on....

Here is the forbidden-list in Swedish, enjoy... ;)

Mjölk och mjölkprodukter
Soja och sojaprodukter (även margarin), sojabönor
Röda bönor
Konserverat mat (tillsatta konserveringsmedel, torkat, frystorkat, rökt, inlagd, saltat. Även mat som är tillagad och sedan fått stå ett tag eller förvarats nåt dygn i kyl i tillagat form kan ge mig reaktioner – speciellt kött/fisk. Inkluderar sylt, korv, pickles, ketchup, mm)
Artificial food colouring och smaktillsatser (”with flavour” eller ”With spices” är normalt dåligt)
Russin och katrinplommon
Chili och andra pepparfrukter
Äpplen, päron
”färdiglagade” eller halvfabrikat dressing, såser mm

Oh, och jag äter inte svin.

Seasonal foods

After resisting hitting Max again with coworkers (we have discount coupons for the Kista one), I went to Lidl instead and now I have Lebkuchen.

I like
- Pepernoten without chocolate from .nl
- Lebkuchen and glühwein spices (the ones in teabags!) from .de
- Fazer joulusuklaa from .fi
- I, uh, can't come up with anything from Sweden. :(
(Ginger snaps doesn't count, too international.)

And I thoroughly enjoy eating Indian takeaway on christmas eve.

Monday, 7 December 2009


Wireless laser printer:
I never did get technical support.
Brian, your suggestion sucked :(

Modesty Blaise glasses and cups:
Sorry, Kajsa. :/

Sunday, 6 December 2009

More knitwear: Mostly mittens and the last pair of Space Invader socks.

I like mittens which have a "hood" I can fold back. I call them buscard-mittens. I -hate- having to take my mittens or gloves off in a freezing winter wind to dig out my buscard.


A while back Kit Whitfield wrote a blog post about how different people perceive the world in different ways. She took up as examples how movies to her is centered around dialogue and character interaction, while for her husband it is centered around the soundtrack. But she also mentioned other examples, and it all got me thinking a bit about the angle from which I view the world around me, which things I judge from.

This is turning into more of a list than a coherent tale...

- Colour. Colour interests me. Harmony of colour, but also clash of colour. Colours that don't quite match and that I have to be around alot can upset me deeply. A good example is the living room of my ex's flat; which had dark blue walls, a dark blue sofa in a different, not quite matching shade, and curtains of yet another dark blue tone (the curtains I exchanged for white ones with a blue pattern, and were, last I saw, still there. They helped.) I think about colour in my home too, I plan. It annoys me alot that the sofa I bought was, when it finally was delivered, not dark grey but a blue-grey colour. Not what I bargained for. Still, it is neutral enough that it works out - barely. At work there is alot of colours that while not exactly clash, not exactly match either.
- Light. I need natural light, enough so that plants can thrive. When they started covering the other half of the building in tarp to renovate the facade, I got very anxious for some days until I realised they were not (yet) covering my windows up for the winter.
- Green. I want green, and plants. Green is life and it soothes my eyes and brain. Looking at living plants removes anxiety and calms me down, makes me feel tranquil and content. I don't like snow because it covers up the green; warm winters with no snow or frost lets plants thrive.
- Privacy. I like large windows that let in alot of light but I cannot stand having people looking into my home. If I could design my own house it would be very private from the entrance side, hardly a window, and have walls and hedges making sure noone could see in from the open side. I like living high up due to this, noone outside my windows peeking in.
- When listening to music I have different focus each time. I like lyrics but I listen to the melody first. There must be a melody, or a beat, or a harmony to catch my attention. Then I will listen to many different pieces each time I listen to a song. Maybe for a while I will be focused on vocals, then I will only hear the beat and the rest is just accompanying the beat for some time, then I will suddenly focus in on some instrument or other and mainly hear that for several weeks.
- Balance. I like things to be centered. I get annoyed by uncentered things. Though a carefully balanced third of the way might be acceptable too (or similar). But just randomly throwing things down on a table annoys me. Tilted paintings, books not sorted by size or standing unevenly far in on the shelf makes me twitch (and I find that it is impossible to get books perfect!).
- Security. Probably connected with my privacy thing. I notice exits, entrances, vulnerable windows. I notice and approve of security chains and alarm systems.

It is probably impossible to list everything. But it set me thinking.

From what angles do you see your world? What makes you tick?

Friday, 4 December 2009

Friday night

"Do you have plans for the weekend?"
"Oh, you are on call?"

Still don't get it. What is wrong with
not having plans? Why is work the
only excuse for no plans?

My friday night contains reading,
surfing the web a bit, eating some
camembert with a piece of bread.
No plans, feels great. Wouldn't have
had it any other way atm.

Thursday, 3 December 2009


I am bored with the hair again, nicer colour or no (it doesn't really matter in the end). I want it to be long again. Grow faster! :(

It is getting in my eyes, I can't braid it (most of it is too short), or even wear it in a pony tail. It seriously SUCKS. I'm never having my hair cut ever again.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

December 2nd!


That means a whole lot of stuff is allowed.

For instance:
- giving your coworkers a chocolate calendar just because
- feeding people you are supposed to have staff responsibility for jelly beans with strange tastes just to see their reaction
- liking trees with lights on (as you can see if you read the backlog, this was not OK one month ago).
- sending and receiving cards, small gifts (sometimes homemade, sometimes bought, sometimes just chocolate or similar)
- eating ginger snaps with your buckets of tea (even at work)

Anything you would like to add? I probably forgot heaps.

Photo taken this afternoon in an unnamed part of Stockholm.