Monday, 30 November 2009


I watched the first episode of the TV-series version of Largo Winch. It is seriously B so far. I think you have to be a fan of the comics to take interest in it at all, and alot of my amusement so far has been caused by comparing the actors' appearances against the ones of the comic characters. Not very impressive. I will probably watch a few more episodes though to see if it gets better.

In other news:
The lift works like every second time. This morning I had to take the stairs, when I came home it worked (after a long wait), then I had to go out again immediately and after a five minute wait it came (I saw it moving so I waited, since it could come any time, but it kept going past me). When I came back the last time however a five minute wait did not help and it was still sitting on the same floor, not moving. So I had to take the stairs. Bah.

But my keys are re-programmed and will continue to work, and I got the immense pleasure of telling the landlord-lady that I doubted it was "spare keys" causing the problem of all the people not supposed to be here getting in; rather the fact that a bunch of kids have a four digit code they share with everyone that asks. LOCK OUT THE KIDS! Or something.. if they live here they should have keys anyway.

Cat is trying to be friendly and only succeeding at annoying me, because his rubbing against me only reminds me of him being absolutely everywhere I tried setting my feet down in the hallway when I came home, tripping me several times and generally going on my nerves.

Winter Night

In a dark Sthlm winter night I find this. Hibiscus, thriving.

Photo from this morning around 530 am.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Misty Stockholm Winter

I looked out the window a while ago, and noted that half my view was covered in white. Like the window was misting. I didn't investigate.

Half an hour later the world was milky white, I can barely see the nearest tree. Peasoup fog, at least on this level. Maybe it is more open closer to the ground.

The lifts were working when I came home friday night. Yay. Especially yay because I had been walking for quite a bit already - bought alot of things involving cables: Replaced the plug on my bedside lamp (the plug of which I accidentally broke in two a while ago), split the sound cable from my computer and stretched an extension into the bedroom, added speakers there. New earphones, since my old ones (which had in all honesty survived for some years) were starting to make strange buzzy noises. Extension cables and lamp cables, now I have two paper stars up and lighting (one neon green and gold in the kitchen and one white in the livingroom, though I might switch them around.)

Also I bought jelly beans, and I spent a few minutes sniffing my favourite teas (Kusmi tea Prince Vladimir and Anastacia). (I managed to keep it to a few minutes, not an hour..)

The weekend has been spent doing not much at all. A lot of paper folding; got several meters of folded streamers, and alot of small stuff. Watched a few NCIS episodes. Finished reading Mortal Causes and started reading Let it Bleed (both Ian Rankin).

Thought about my dream earlier in the week, quite alot.

Oh! And I received my new glasses, finally! Here they are:

Someone asked me what happened to my nose piercing. It is still there, nothing happened to it, but it is always (pretty much) on the other side of my nose from the camera. The reason for this is that if I take photos of the lame side of my face I always look a bit strange, since parts of my face around the left eye is paralysed. To be honest I probably look a bit strange all the time for those that are around me then, but I don't like to show off that little defect. It's not like I ever choose to post the photos where I look like myself anyway...

Oh, and this was my 500th blogpost on this blog.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

List of current facts:

- It sucks majorly to have to climb 8 flights of stairs with arthritic knees to get home. Both lifts out of order.
- I have a fat buddha, a red elephant, a rosey ball, five owls (different) and a vw beetle to hang on my christmas tree (I want a tree instead of bamboo this year).
- If it wasn't for all the people and me being rather tired, I could have spent aaaages walking around looking at Things and Stuff in the new and updated mall. But the people dissuaded me and I took a straight route to the metro after getting my christmassy things.
- Did I mention that it sucks to climb 8 flights of stairs? I did? Oh.

Dystopic Dreams

I dreamt, a late morning sleeping in on a perfectly normal thursday.

We are travellers.

We have travelled for long, walking, a few weary horses pulling the skeletons of what was once cars. Sometimes, we walk through remnants of civilisation.

Gardens look surprisingly lush on a distance, but upon closer inspection we always find they are unkempt and unkept, drying out, draught-hardy weeds taking over. Dried out husks of wooden houses sit sagging in uneven rows around dusty roads. Brick houses are doing better, looking stabler. Sometimes we try to settle down for a bit in a derelict house, the fear of ghosts and of other, greater things keeping us huddled together in one room, sleeping in hammocks, on the floor, pieces of fabric hung up to create partitions and some semblance of privacy. But we always travel on soon after.

I know some of the people I travel with, others I have gotten to know as groups have merged and later split into new constellations. Some of the people we travelled with are Gone, I don't specify it further to myself, I know they won't come back. Others have hopes and keep a place for them, hang up their hammocks at night, often in the best spots, leaving them empty.

We walk.

We walk over the mountains, and as we come down on the other side, we see the ocean or a widespread lake, alot of water, without bounds. There are cheers, hope. Even if it is salt we can distill it and have water for drinking. We sing, we dance along the roads, filled with purpose, the goal in sight. In a beeline, following old roads and paths, we head for the nearest cove.

The first people, ranging ahead, are close to the water. The ones further back look at them with undisguised envy and walk faster. It lies shimmering, without ripples, in the sun. There are little wildlife, hardly any birds or insects, surprisingly dry this close to such an abundance of water.

The first-comers reach the water, and wade out into it. No. Walking out onto it. They are walking on water. Jumping on it. Stamping, kicking. Screaming rage at the sky in frustration.

I reach the mirror lake myself. Looking at it in disbelief, I start weeping. It consists of metal and glass, the remnants of a great city's skyscrapers. Not a drop of water.

There is desperation that afternoon. We look at the mountains we came over, knowing we have to head back. There is no life for us on this immense metal plain.

We are travellers. We walk. Walking is life. Sometimes, we settle down for a while in the ruins of a village or a farm. Sometimes, we meet others, and the groups merge for a while, and then split again. Hope is still there.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Some stuff.

The drawing of dragon sleeping on books I made a month ago.

Bookmarks in a variety of techniques and a variety of degrees of difficulty as the days progressed.
Bookmarks 1: Three bookmarks. The two first have reverses but not in photos (one of them has the same text as the dragon drawing), the pink one is reversed in the next photo.
Bookmarks 2: Two of them have the same design and the same text (the lighthouses) (but different paper and colouring on the painting). The last one is the reverse of the pink/black in the first photo.
Bookmarks 3 and 4: Front and back of the last one.

More hair, and...

I finished the christmas cards. I won't post pictures of them though. However I also finished a bunch of bookmarks for the cauldronites, and since they don't come here, I will post photos of some of them later.

And.. I still am annoyed at my hair. I just can't make it stay straight! This was after BOTH blowdrying AND using the straightening iron... 30 minutes later it was like this, which is the closest I get nowadays. Grrr. I can't wait for it to grow. I don't mind waves when they appear below chinlevel, but when it gets curly and or wavy around my face/skull I totally hate it. And sorry for yet another bathroom photo, it is the only place with enough light nowadays... OH! I saw the sun today, for the first time in a month! :D

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Attention: Christmas cards

If you want to ensure you get a card from me you need to send me your adress before December 1st, unless you are 100% sure I have it. If you are 99% sure, or think I might forget you, you'd better send it anyway. E-mail adress is found to the left.

Friday the 13th - 1 photo every hour.

I have for a while been thinking about doing the 1 photo every hour documentation of a day, but it's not been anything but thoughts and it was a bit daunting to do it on a working day (since alot of my days tend to be spent in meetings or coaching people). But friday was mostly reserved for administration so late thursday I decided that TOMORROW I'll do it! So I placed the camera by the bed.

At 0500 Linus figured it was morning and I should get up. He was right, of course.

0600: Time for the morning cocktail. It takes me 1h20m to get ready to go anywhere no matter when I get up, unfortunately. Slow to wake up...

0700, Spånga Station: Waiting for my bus.

0800: Planning.

0910 (forgot it at 9) - informal meeting in a back room to plan the day a bit.

1000: Thinking about Key Performance Indicators. What should they be and how do we measure them, and WHY do we do it?

1100: Our "E.T.-support" is wearing a very pretty dress today.

1200: I am just finishing lunch - risotto with sugar snaps. Doesn't look too appetizing this way though... ;)

1300: Back at my desk and more administration. I don't use qwerty, btw.

1400: They switched back to a completely undrinkable brand of teabags at work. I bring my own because of that - even Lipton is way better than that almost-but-not-quite-tea thing they have. Here: tRoT Earl Greyer teabags.

1500 and 1600: Spent sitting in two meetings in the same room. My teacup quickly became empty, talking about fire hazards and KPIs.

1700: Workday is formally over and I pack up my things. We have boxes for storage, a bit like a kindergarden, everyone have their own plastic box with their name on it. I put my tea bags in the box as a step in cleaning my desk for the weekend.

1800: Getting closer to home. Waiting for the Metro, Gröna linjen.

1900: I settle down to check my email and then read a bit. The cat wants to check his email too.

2000: Still reading.

2100: I put down the book to knit a bit before bed. Time to finish the second pair of space invader socks.

2200: I am tired and so is Linus, who tells me it is bedtime. I proceeded to sleep for 11 hours.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

The Hairsaster.

Yesterday, friday 13th!

Today, saturday 14th! (unfortunately not taken in daylight, so the colour is a bit off due to the flash)

I hate the short hair more and more for every day, so I decided to do something nice so I can at least find something good to say about it instead of listing all its negative qualities. Now: At least the colour is nice!

Edit: And a photo taken in the livingroom, where the light is a bit different. If I take a closeup photo it looks shockingly pink. The truth is, I guess, somewhere inbetween.


My hallway looked pretty much like this when I woke up this morning. I keep a bunch of short ends, leftovers, etc in small bundles in a paper bag, and the cat had managed to tip that over and had ALOT of fun.

funny pictures of cats with captions

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Flying Fish

(And a very unflattering view of where I work.)

Click to enlarge.

New Glasses (for the umpteenth time)

So. Yea. Like a year ago I started the process of quitting using glasses or other vision correction. Sometime early spring the process was done and I mostly see ok-ish without any aids. My insane number of glasses has been gathering dust since that (I think I have something like 8-11 pairs, I am not sure).

Today I ordered a new pair.

But they were so NICE! I can use glasses when they are that nice!
Recycled black acetate and inlays of recycled wood on the temples. Lovely!

I don't have any pictures except these tiny ones (which might die with time as I couldn't be bothered to save them), but the frames are from Jhane Barnes and the glasses are bought at :)

Semi-rimless/metal frame, acetate temples with recycled wood inlays.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The final collapse

Looking forward to hilarious-looking 2012. That trailer was the funniest thing I've seen in a while :D

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

And I actually have alot of stuff to blog, I have just been too exhausted to do anything about it. Caught another cold-bug and slept the weekend away in a fevered confusion of weird dreams.

So angry not even mud cake made me happy again.

Had an emotionally exhausting day at work. Decided it would brighten my day a bit to get those worn ends cut off my hair. And that my fear of hairdressers were probably vastly exaggerated. I mean, even if it happened once (actually twice) before that I got most of my hair cut off when all I wanted was to trim the ends, it doesn't mean it would happen again right?

"COM-MUNI-CATION! is the key", I thought bravely.

So I explained I only wanted to cut the ends a bit, max 10 cm. I showed what 10 cm meant. The hairdresser guy showed too "this much, max". Yes! I thought it would be alright, so I let him start cutting.

He started by cutting off some 30 cm in the middle of the back.




Result: My hair went from below my waist to just above my shoulderblades. In the front it is above my nose. It is too short to put all of it in a pony tail.

I am mightily upset, I almost started crying in the chair. Too embarrassing. (Then he made the damage worse by insisting on blowdrying it all spiky straight which is a look I don't like at all, making me even angrier.)

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


I think it is a tad early to put up a christmas tree with lights on November 1st.

My landlord did outside the entrance, so for a bit of christmas preview drop by...

Monday, 2 November 2009


New day, new week - new month. And a new year too. First workday of the new year - and alot of early (pre-noon) deadlines for handing in my reports. Gotta run!