Sunday, 31 May 2009


Blurry huggies.

New Dawn

New Dawn, the climbing rose, isn't flowering yet but is looking assuringly about to flower. Click to enlarge...

Lichtkönigin Lucia

As you can see in the former post, Lucia is happily flowering - much earlier this year than last.
However, the buds don't go flamey red in the edges like last year - any suggestions why?

Balcony - this year.

Growing things in my balcony... - one end of it.

Thankyou C!

The new furniture before I scrubbed it clean and added some cushions.

The sun IS trying to harm you.

Sometimes I like the sun, I mean, like being in the sun. Other days I prefer the shade. The past year I have followed a chart of UV-rays reaching us down here on the planet's surface and compared it to my like/dislike of the sun and yes - it seems I can feel it burning instead of just warming when the radiation levels are high. Apparently you get sunburnt easier when they are high, so that might be correct. Or I am just paranoid/easily overheated. Who knows.

Anyway, right now the radiation is unseasonably high in Scandinavia, so use sunscreen! Well, always use sunscreen, but it is even more important right now. And don't forget sunglasses - I can recommend spending money on a pair with real UV-protection, not just coloured lenses. Costs a bit more but you usually get higher quality lenses and frames for it, not just better protection. Take care of your eyes.

And on that note - in about an hour I will venture out on my balcony. I have morning sun and since I managed to fall asleep again today, and didn't get back up until around 10am, it was already too hot out there (for today anyway). I watered my plants and escaped back indoors. Around 1pm the south end of my balcony is in shade and I can sit out there, by 4pm it is all shade - but I can see the sun on the landscape (my excellent view, you know) so it is still really light and nice.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Random info, again.

  • I had a small bowl of mushroom soup, a piece of parmesan, a slice of dark bread, half a cantaloupe melon, and a large glass of wine for dinner.
  • Yesterday I laughed hard as I watched my colleagues throwing eachother about in sumo-suits.
  • I now have table+chairs on my balcony (thank you Chrille, and Kasper that helped carry). Will have to have a balcony-warming social happening with someone to give them a good welcome.
  • I am now the proud owner of an HP printer with no cables. Hooray.
  • 70 green onions growing happily in my balcony. Replanting the bellpeppers this weekend.
  • I like reading. Still.
  • I also like tea. More than ever. But I also like coffee. Again.

Friday, 22 May 2009

France #3 - to all directions!

I had a usable picture in my phone too.
Found the signs in Brignoles amusing. At the bottom of this street was a sign pointing up the street to get to Centre Ville - here, at the top of the street, was a sign right down the hill again. Ah well, nothing to do but try walking in all directions...

France #2

The only map we had. Great detailed quality, don't you agree?

Driving through a village with narrow streets - and kebab-shops.

Where we were staying - and the few next ones too.

My bedroom window.

And the bedroom.

View, daytime.

Blurry selfportrait taken mirrored in the boss' bedroom door!

Bloom! No photo of Dude :/

Night time, same view.

Going to bed with wet hair

Going to bed with wet hair makes me wake up with more or less wavy/curly hair. Today was more... and I was late for work so no straightening time. Made the best out of the situation and ran for the bus.

Pigeon-herding in practice.

Writing poetry in a secret place

Friday, 15 May 2009


This morning I blearily woke up from my dream, trying to turn off the alarm.

While I was walking in circles in my flat rubbing at my eyes, trying to get focus, checking that the world was still standing and generally waking up the alarm went off again. For a few seconds I wondered if the walking was a dream, then I realised I had probably hit the snooze button instead of the quit button.

I don't remember much of my dreams, mostly fragments, but I remember the essence. A friend is moving this weekend but in my dream he had already moved, only I wasn't sure if he had or not and went looking for him - it was very important to me and I felt keen disappointment that I couldn't find him anywhere. In the dream he wasn't living in the actual place he lives ofc, but in a very trashy strange dreamscape suburb. "knocking on a window where my friend no longer lives I had forgotten" or whatever the song lyric is. After extracting myself from the suburb (I don't recall if the dream about the strange trip to a dreamscape France was before or after or in between) I was walking through a swampy/muddy forest, where you had to step on tussocks and sticks/wooden pieces to avoid sinking in the mud. Logically I was wearing 4 inch stilettos. To be more specific, my favourite flat pumps (checkered with skull+rose print) was turned into 4 inch stilettos which I was muddying down in a forest trail, quite heavily trafficked, trying to get away from nasty people in a nasty (non existant) part of a city.

Sunday, 3 May 2009


I want two more large pots like the ones I recently bought.

Then I want a gooseberry tree (yes, I saw bushes grown like small trees today), a cherry tree (or maybe a plum tree), and a rhododendron.

I'm not sure a rhododendron will thrive in a pot but only one way to find out. And, to be a bit arrogant - if anyone can do it it got to be me - or what? :)

Cherry trees and gooseberry bushes will do ok in a pot as long as it is big enough. Juuuust like my roses!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

France #1

Pictures from the compact camera. For some reason they came up in a different order than I uploaded them.. which means completely random order.
1) flower petals covering a road
2+3) Brignoles
4) The view from my bedroom
5+6+7) A sunny morning spent outside with almost no sleep
8) Breakfast outside in the sun with a book


Lucia is already a big bush with buds!