Sunday, 26 October 2008

Cauldron Art Challenge Oktober

The challenge was this:

"Ok peeps - get out your pens, pencils and paints, virtual or real, and start designing a cover for Rhapsody (as in the first book - not the character.) The twist is it needs to reflect the horror or spooky elements of the first book. Inspiration could come from things like the trip through the Root, the Rak'sha, the nasties chasing the Three or even Achmed's face. Whatever floats your boat. It can be humorous, nightmarish or gothic; as long as it reflects the theme and looks vaguely like a book cover."

Because of lack of time/energy, it will probably not become more than this painted sketch (gouache on board) - but I had fun thinking it up and realising I would be able to make what I wanted.

On the root (Click to enlarge)

"Well, 'allo Duchess! Oi was 'opin you'd drop in! Care for a spot o' tea?"

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Dash of colour in grey weather

My favourite season is autumn - september and october and november (if november doesn't turn into winter that is). I love all the colour and I love the weather. But at the same time, it can be a very grey season - mostly due to the high risk of wind and rain and overcast skies.

Several of my herbs were attacked by some parasite - the regular basil, both thyme plants and probably the mint at least, possibly also the rosemary and the purple basil. I wasn't taking any chances anyway, so yesterday I threw them all out and set out on a mission to sterilize the pots, intending to plant new herbs and start over.

The local grocery shop recently changed to a more flowery profile, they have quite alot of plants and flowers around the entrance, cheerful and nice. The pink and bright red chrysanthemums tempted me and this morning I decided to go for it - they are cheap and I'll just throw them out when they stop flowering (I think - else put them in a spare corner with the plants from the balcony and plant them out with the ivy next year, but I am not sure if they are perennials), and start over with the herbs in a month or whenever that happens. For now - my kitchen seems more cheerful to me :)