Sunday, 22 June 2008


Are you like me, and don't really like the part of the watermelon that is closest to the skin (and I mean the red fruit meat, not the white stuff)?

I had some bad luck with the slice of watermelon I bought this weekend, and only the middle was properly ripe, the outter two inches or so were hard and kindof bitter. Bleh.

Didn't want to throw it away though, and sometime yesterday I came up with the idea to mash it and make it into a drink. Good one, huh?

Anyway; this is how I did it:

Put about 2-3 parts watermelon, roughly diced, and 1 part lemon-cactus sorbet into the mixer, together with a handful of icecubes. My mixer cannot crush ice but it doesn't matter in this case - they will do the job of cooling down the juice, because the sorbet isn't enough (I tried without first). If you want to you can remove them beforce serving (use a spoon). Ran it on full power until it looked smooth apart from the icecubes, maybe a minute or so.

Ready to serve. Considered adding some lime, and for some more citrus taste that could be a good idea, as it is it tastes wonderfully like melon but with a nice citrus freshness.

Oh and... this is an excellent alternative to milk shakes for all those lacto-intolerant people out there. :)

Rainy Midsummer Day...

...and Linus was smarter than me, and spent the day under the duvet. Today the weather has been quite nice though :)


Hibiscus in the kitchen.

The budding rose bloomed, with the sweetest scent. So glad I bought it <3
And another photo of my bedroom window ;)

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Monday and Wednesday

Alright, what I didn't write in the last post because I had to run off to work, was that I went for a little walk to clear my head after the hospital, and wound up walking into shops... and buying stuff. Hah. Got paper napkins, scented candles (lemongrass, yay), normal but highquality tapers in white (since I had only ones in blue, green etc left and they sortof tend to annoy me unless they match other stuff, picky picky..), a new shaker since I broke the old one, incense, some pens and a diary for 08/09 since my old one is ending soon (yep, I am still stuck in the year that starts in august), and a washbag I probably didn't need but which I am convinced is superior to the ones I have. Hmf.

That was monday.

I am hooked on the Dark Tower series by the way. Have.. to.. read.. more.. NOW!

Today. Drafted Christine and her car to drive me, and went and got some plants for my balcony. Looks much nicer now. I still need a chair or something out there so I can sit there and read.. but I guess it will have to wait alittle.

Some pictures of what it looks like now. Just the one end obviously. The other end isn't as nice, it has a Narnia style lamp (except it is mounted on a wall) and a heap of planting-stuff, empty pots and the like - and my old potato-tree from last year, that is finally giving up I think. Guess I'll throw it away (or rather dry the wood and use it, and throw the twigs and the few leaves left away). New potato-tree sitting in a white pot by the wall, this year with white flowers instead of blue/purple. In black low pots, ivy (climbing up the wall) and yellow chrysanthemum. Then in a too shallow pot sits a yellow bush rose (closeup), and in the other pot sits a climbing rose, pink, thats sending an arm up the wall already.

Good thing I am staying at home all summer to care for my new friends!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

MRI, tears, panic.

So, yesterday was the scary day. Having people dig around in my sinuses ripping things out were nothing in comparison.

I am claustrophobic. There. It is said.

I am also afraid of hospitals, doctors in general, as well as being a general control freak.

Being inside that tube for 20 minutes = badbadbad.

They gave me some calming drug, shot into my arm, unfortunately it didn't start working until I had been in there for 15 of the 20 minutes. And I had to lie on the bench thing with my head looking into the tunnel while they set it, so I was already then starting to panic and was weeping with fear.

Shows up getting drugs shot into me has the same problem as anaestethics; it takes 10-15 minutes longer than they expect for it to work. At least I know if there is a similar situation again, that I have to ask them to set the calming meds before I even enter the room.

But the main thing is I did it. My face is better, more reaction already, so going wasn't really necessary I guess, but I decided to do it anyway just because I was so scared. It was horrible but if it is necessary again I know which precautions to take at least...

And; I have promised myself that if I get what I want this time, I am going to attempt to stop indulging some of my aspie tendencies. Cryptical but I do not dare be more specific. I might explain more here later, in a month or so. Or you can ask me in private if you wonder what the hell I am talking about!
(much later edit: It was the new job I was talking about, of course. And I got it and I am trying so hard... and it hurts so much, like twisting a limb at an unnatural angle.)

Now I have to run off to work... bbl

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Sunny sunday

My home is slowly taking shape. I turned the desk around and it suddenly seems more ...airy in here. Going to empty the big bookshelf and move it too, eventually - right now the space behind it is full of ...stuff... so I have to move those things before I can move the shelf. But I am on the right track at least, at last. Wish I had a better bookshelf than the partition, I actually regret buying it. I have always wanted one of those shelves but I must admit it wasn't as amazingly wonderful as I had thought, mainly because it is too deep by at least 10-15 cm.

Today I intend to make more spinach filled pastries, not sweet pastries but salty. Good food. I was planning to go to Plantagen, but I realised I prefer going when my cold has gone away. Hopefully they will be open next week too, even though it is midsummer. At least sunday should be normal again, I hope. Gonna have to limit my purchases since I am on foot, but... if I see too much I want I guess I can go back and forth ;) Or I will have to beg the service of someone with a car. Hmm.

Now I am going to try to tidy stuff out of my chairs (two out of three chairs piled full of things), and put some chicken in the oven to cook on its own.

Hope you all have a nice day as well :)

Saturday, 14 June 2008


Consciousness slowly seeps into my dream-muddled mind. There is a sound. Alarm clock? Negative. It is strangely monotone, repetitive. I finally identify it as skype'e default ringing, chiming its little melody on my laptop in the other room. It is getting light outside so I presume it is morning, but since my alarm hasn't gone off I bury back into my pillows. When my alarm goes off I don't know how much time has passed or even if I fell back asleep, but the alarm wakes me up properly. Time to get up!

Shower. Then getting dressed. What to wear? Something comfy, something that won't try to escape, like so many of my clothes seem to do these days.

Breakfast, reading, idling the time away. Plenty of time, but suddenly the plenty has passed me by and I should have started getting ready to go ten minutes ago. Quickly repacking my bag, grabbing one of the two last Fenix-bottles in the fridge. Running off. Still miss the train, but it's ok, another will come and hopefully I will be there on time anyway.

40 minutes later I arrive at the right place at the hospital, out of breath and five minutes late. They don't mind though, I don't think they even noticed. They tell me to sit down and wait, and I pounce on my bag, intending to swallow a pill, but no time, I barely get my medicine bag out of the purse before I am asked to come.

Not much talking, at least not to me. Talking over my head. Another strip of gauze soaked in evil-looking blue stuff is produced; now I am wise and know what it is and what they intend to do with it. I manage not to fight them, but I am waving my arms, kicking the air, making sounds of protest. It hurts, the liquid burning in my sinus, then seeping down my throat and into my mouth. Tastes horrible, like detergent. They realise it is hurting and state that it shouldn't. The nurse cuts off the strip of gauze prematurely and I am told to go sit and wait for it to work.

I swallow not one, but two of my Atarax, then lean back to wait for the blue anaestethic in my sinus and the pills to work. The doctor and the nurses go back and forth. After around 10-12 minutes the doctor stops and ask if ten minutes has passed yet. No, I tell him. Not quite. He leaves again. Another ten minutes pass before he remembers me. Good. The atarax is dulling my reactions, distancing me from my body and from my emotions, and the blue stuff has started really working, my front teeth are tingling even.

Back into the chair. My feet are twitching, kicking the air slightly, like I was sitting at a bar dangling my feet. But that is all. I allow them to remove the strip and replace it with a much longer one, doing no more than making a sound of protest when my sinus is full and the pressure of getting gauze stuffed in there starts feeling uncomfortable. I get to go back to wait.

Another twenty minutes, now all my upper teeth are numb. Time to start looking.

My suspicion forces itself through the cotton wool of the 50mg Atarax, and I notice my eyes narrowing with suspicion and dislike when the doctor puts me back in the chair and removes the second strip. Luckily I get to sit in a chair, not go to some surgery room, that is something. Safer. Less "hospital".

I concentrate on not killing anyone, on not twitching, as they start poking around again. I can feel what they do through the anaestethic, but every nudge doesn't hurt like last time. Then the ripping, tearing sound when he gets a grip on the thing and pulls it out. It was mostly embedded in tissue. Rrrrrrip! I feel like puking. Sounds like that shouldn't be inside my head.

He says it is bleeding surprisingly little, and stuffs a wad of cotton up my left nostril. I am asked to please not leave, so they can check that I am ok after a while. I start reading, The Waste Lands (from the Dark Tower series) pulls me in and time passes. Suddenly my nose drips. Red. I ask one of the nurses for some paper and she provides. A bit later the doctor calls me in again, removes the first wad of cotton, sucks out some blood and goo and adds some more anaestethic, before setting in a new cotton wad and saying I can go home if I want, it is almost not bleeding at all.

I get out of the hospital and 50 meters down the street before blood starts dripping into my hair. Gah. I find some paper, sit down on a bench outside of a church. Considers going back but figures that since they said I was bleeding uncommonly little, this is probably normal. It stops dripping again, and I go. I don't get far before it drips again. Seems that my movement makes it bleed more. Ah well.

Six hours later, my nose is still dripping blood, but by the time I go to bed, the amounts of blood are minute. The afternoon has mostly been spent with a paper hankie in front of my nose, not getting much done at all. Sleepy from the atarax, but I resist and continue reading instead. By the time I should go to bed, I start waking up again, so I wind up staying up late, but when I finally do go to bed I fall asleep easily and sleep deeply, dreaming vividly.

Sunday, 8 June 2008


Built the second wardrobe, hung up blinds, curtains... though the wardrobe is just an empty, doorless box so far, but its in place. Progress!

And new profile text because Brian were complaining that I am not shy (except that he also says I am way too shy) and that I should change it. It's mostly an internal joke. If you wonder, ask and I will explain.

Still fevered and congested, but I will try to go to work tomorrow anyway. Hopefully will be alright and be more concentrated than I was during my ineffective thursday. Keep fingers crossed...

Meh, friday is nose-surgery day, time to find out what the metal piece in my sinus really is. Should call and ask if we can drug me down or something so I won't try to kill the doctor. ;p

Waiting for the plane back to Honolulu

Taken from the outside of our hotel room in Hilo.

Sitting by a Japanese garden in Hilo making time pass. These are the last pictures I have from Hawaii. I have some of pigeons at Newark but they aren't really that interesting so I don't think I will post them.


I know this is excessive and they probably all look the same to you (but it's actually just 9 out of over a 100), but they don't to me. I recommend looking at the large versions. Look at all the shades of blue in some of them! Oh and Brian piling stones on my foot to our great amusement. Apparently people pay to have stones placed on them.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

I still have...

...more photos from Hawaii and the trip home to go through and post, but I thought I would interrupt with an update from home too ;)

Got back here tuesday morning and went to work wednesday morning - jetlagged but still in a "whee" fashion, though I crashed in the evening. However during the day I developed a sore throat, and thursday it was worse. So yep, I got the worst cold I have gotten so far since last spring (was mercifully free of bad ones this winter). To make things better, the elevators are stuck, so its slightly bothersome to go downstairs to, for instance, buy honey, peppermint tea and juice. Today I am starting to cough as well, hope thats not something that is sticking around >:|

Linus came home yesterday, mother and S paid a brief visit early in the morning to hand him over but took off again, wanting to be out of here before the heat became too oppressive. I am glad my flat is facing due east, I get morning sun - enough to heat the flat so I don't get chilled during the day - but before noon the angle is such that I have no sun on my windows anymore, and thus I don't really get overheated.

Was supposed to go to Kajsa's party tonight but with my cold I'd better not. Neither me nor the others will benefit from it. If my current burst of activity persists, I might hang up curtains or organize the bookshelf (finally) - I suspect it might not though, yesterday I crashed sometime between four and five and slept until 0130 am. Fell asleep again around three (I think), after having "breakfast" consisting of the raspberry pies I made with the leftover filodough yesterday.
Still jetlagged in other words, completely on the wrong timezone. Or well, I guess by now I am somewhere in between, I am not 12 hours wrong, but around 6. Still annoying. Gonna try to stay up tonight, so I will sleep longer tomorrow.

Linus thinks the windows and the outside air are interesting. And my bedroom window. :)

Friday, 6 June 2008

Akaka Falls

Another waterfall!

Black Sand Beach

In random order: Black volcanic sand, mongoose, a durkey (or tuck) which was totally pwned by the other ducks there though they were half its size, green turtles (turtles!), coconut palms. Edit: More turtles, I couldn't resist. Added on top because blogger sucks. Edit #2: In fact they were for some reason added randomly in the middle. Blogger sucks even more, since that doesn't make any sort of sense.