Friday, 31 August 2007


Yea, it's been a while. Dunno why, just didn't feel like blogging, and so I haven't updated anywhere.

Been doing:
  • Missing N, who started commuting to another city during the weeks and will continue doing so until Christmas.
  • Wondering what to do now that N won't come home in the evenings, and being amazedly bored.
  • Made a bargain with my boss that I will take more evening shifts and no weekend shifts in the future (working weekends when N is only home during weekends was intolerable).
  • Bought Christmas-card supplies. Bit early, you say? Well, believe me, it isn't. I send so many, and I insist on making them myself. Last year I made 62 cards and I only had 5 over when I had finished giving them away. Started about this time then too.
  • Rearranged the diningroom to suit me. I am not allowed to switch the furniture for my pretty white round table (or at least I think N would give me the silent treatment for longer than I could stand), but I did put a blanket around the horrid cushion on the bench, and took away the pillows, and sacrificed a few of the ones from my daybed, as well as putting on table cloths and putting select items on there for decoration.
  • Been nagging N to allow me to get cupboards for the dining room, thus enabling me to move things from the kitchen cupboards, getting more space and lessening the avalanche danger in there by 95%.
  • Tried to buy lamps for my workroom, but Ikea didn't have the one I wanted. I did buy two table lamps for the windowsill, but one has to be exchanged cause it arrived broken.
  • Buy two more potted plants.
  • Throw away three potted plants that were dead or I otherwise had given up on (including a cactus that I killed).
  • Went shopping and bought clothes I felt I needed. I am much happier now. ;)
  • Move all my plants indoors. Summer is definitely over and my basil plant is looking very sad after being left out three nights too long. It is, however, two feet tall and still having some green leaves, so I have hopes for it.
  • Started working in a different department at work, as purchasing assistant, for 4 hours every day. Temporary change, so don't get your hopes up. I really like it though, the people are great and the change of work suited me - now I want to go to work, not only go there to get paid.
  • Immediately got ill and had to stay home feeling wretched (physically, and mentally for not being able to go to work and not being able of doing much else either). Yesterday and today thus suffered. Feeling a bit better but not in top shape, got to admit that. Unfortunately I always start having a bad conscience and like I am cheating if I stay home, a part of my mind always says I am not ill enough at all.. but where does the limit go? Been feeling bad for several days, before I finally had to admit defeat thursday.
  • Been planning to play boardgames tomorrow with W. and B. However, me being ill might put a stop to that. Have to call W. to decide. The rest of the potential participants were elsewhere occupied, everything happening at once tomorrow.

I have some balloon-photos yet to post, will see if I can get around to do it.
And, being ill meaning I won't go to the work party, thus meaning I won't dress up in my three-piece suit and tie and red glasses, there won't be pictures of such either (unless I get so bored out of my mind I play dress-up games at home).

And I want my purple tweed jacket. It is somewhere in a box. :/

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Happy Birthday, Christine!

Christine collects handbags the way I collect books. So of course she gets a card with little purses on it. Heaps of fun to make!

And I brought a raspberry cake, experimentally baked on a mixture of rye and wheat flour.

Monday, 20 August 2007

Wolfgang's card

Here is the card I made when my colleague and friend Wolfgang had his birthday lately.
He plays the piano, so he got a themed card :)


I bought new glasses, and the cases were nice, but there was a fugly logo on them.
A drop of magic potion, aka. nail varnish remover, did the trick though.

If you want to repeat the magic, I recommend just a drop per logo on some cotton and then a wash in water. And remember, only works on non-plastic cases.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Into the Rabbit Hole

Interior blogging day. I should probably do more of this since I spend so much time actually surfing furniture/clothes/jewellery/design generally.

Anyway, here you go: Vertigo is the table's name.

Click image for link to shop. Their site exists in English too, click the flag in the upper left corner.

If only it was wooden..

And mirrored so the shelves were the other way, it would be perfect for our hallway. If we removed what exists, that is. (It is a wardrobe, to explain.) I could even take it in white, white wouldn't be so bad, might even, *gasp*, lighten up the flat a bit.

Click image for more info.


Click photo for details.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Laalaaa? Guu!

I can only do baby talk at the moment, been to the dentist and got alot of anaesthetic in my lower mouth.

To comfort myself, I went and bought some plastic/fabric flowers to use as background when photoing jewellery and cards and such, so now I can attempt to get more artsy piccies when I am in the mood.

And when I came home, the Ikea catalogue was on my doormat! I have to order it so they will put my adress on it, else I don't get it - never gotten one without doing that. It's like the mailman knows I am not Swedish, and figures I don't deserve one. But now I will pretend to be a good little Swede and go sit in my sofa reading it! :D

Monday, 13 August 2007

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Lonely Soup

My weekend started today (working sunday and having friday off instead), I am home alone, and best of all: I am making soup. A good yummy meat/vegetable soup where I have winged it with the spices (I rarely or never use recipes when cooking).

Monday, 6 August 2007

Drip, drip, drop went the tap

N.'s birthday was last week, and he told me I wasn't allowed to buy him a gift, but that he'd like a cake. However the morning of his birthday, he changed his mind about cake as well (to my relief, as I can bake bread and simple cakes but not the kind of creambomb he prefers).

Friday his mother and her mate appeared, two days early (since she wanted to avoid the heatwave we are currently having), with their gift: new taps for the bathroom, both the tub/shower and the sink. Since the old tap in the sink was very, very leaky + the hot-water wasn't working, that was a relief. They also installed the things.

That left us with the old shower head, very worn (probably original from when the flat was built, along with the tap!), which didn't match the new shiny things. Thus I was actually allowed to buy him a gift as well: A new set. The shower head that came with the rod looked like UFO, so I got a separate one with several functions. All of that took the last of my saved money (no wardrobes in the near future but hey, this is good too), but feels worth it.

They also brough art, inherited from N.'s grandparents. Artist Lars Norman which I have never heard of and which google didn't know much about either. I really like the one of the brides, the other one is eh. Note the nice mirror image of me photoing it. And do you like the colour of the livingroom wall? It is slightly darker than it looks like on the photo. I really don't like it, oppressive!

So, why am I posting things on my blog in the middle of the day on a monday? Yea, as you might have guessed I am home, though very reluctantly. Spent most of the night lying awake feeling feverish and with a belly ache, as morning approached the toilet visits began. The combination of about 2.5h sleep and the frequency of my sprints to the bathroom, told me it was a good idea to stay home. Sucks though. I'd rather be well and at work. Really. And no, I have no idea what is wrong with my stomach. If I stick to a diet of sallad and meat baked in the oven with only a little spice, I can live a pretty normal life, though my stomach hurts alot anyway, but if I even think about eating anything else the war starts over again. I can't even begin to guess what made the difference this time. The half cup of coffee I allowed myself? The reindeer-dinner N. cooked? The chinese food friday (slow reaction if so), the icecream, the bread I ate for breakfast? Bah. I have gotten used to my tummy hurting all the timy though, and I know where I can find toilets most of the places I go, so I survive.