Saturday, 23 June 2007

Outta here

We are leaving tomorrow, going to be gone for some weeks. I might pop online at some point, but no promises.

Have a really nice summer (if you are in the northern hemisphere)!

Wednesday, 20 June 2007


Today the Swedish Metro wrote about several of the Swedish clothes chains purchasing more curvy display dummies for their windows, after the Spanish Fashion Week set a minimum BMI of 18 for their models (thus disqualifying a third of them).

Here is a window at Åhlens in Stockholm city - ain't them dolls good lookin'?

The entire story (in Swedish).

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Self-tanning catastrophes

At my Norwegian blog (you might get the adress if you ask nicely) I write mostly about girly stuff (like makeup and shopping). I have considered, and decided I will copy some of the things I post there in here too, though only a limited selection of my visitors will understand it - but it might amuse you? Please tell me if you approve, you scandinavians that visit me here - if you don't I'll not repeat this. Threatening, huh?

When I write about specific products, I give them "marks" from 1-5, where 5 is fabulous and 1 means I won't even use what is left.

Here goes the first post:

L'oreal self-tanning wipes.

Jeg bestemte meg for at litt farge på leggene og föttene hadde sett bra ut på en sommerfest jeg skulle til (hvor jeg tenkte ha leggings som rekte meg til midt på leggen, og sandaler).

Hva teste? Lotionen min som man langsomt tar farge av ville ikke fungere i tid. Så kjöpte jeg disse serviettene til 30kr på HM - om det ikke fungerte, ikke stort ökonomisk tap iallfall!

Det sto man skulle stryke flere ganger, og fra selftanning kremer vet jeg at man gnir og gnir til det har helt trekt inn for å unngå at det blir skjoldete. En serviett skulle ifölge pakka rekke til begge beina - men jeg syntes den törka inn litt raskt..

Nåja, smurte over alle overflater på leggene og föttene flere ganger allikevel. Da det hadde törka, gikk jeg og la meg.


Dagen etter våkna jeg med en stor oransje flekk på oversiden av den ene foten, med skarpe skiller mot tärne, samt noen enkelte streker på begge leggene. Uh. Fest ikveld rett etter jobben. Hva gjöre. Hoppa i dusjen og peela til jeg var griserosa, men det tok ikke alt, så det ble strömpebukser på festen.. Dagen etter hadde derimot resten fada av seg selv.

Min konklusjon: Ikke kast bort pengene på servietter, om det ikke er for å fikse en hvit flekk du missa da du spraya deg selv.


1/5, klart underkjent. Sterkt jobba, L’oreal.

PS: Jeg har en serviett til overs, jeg kan vel skrive “I <3>

Summer makes for a strange diet

We decided there was almost no food at home, so we had to go shopping.

Standing at ICA in Sollentuna, we looked at eachother and realised none of us had any idea what we wanted to eat...

We came home with ten liters of juice, four liters of Coke Light (for N., my mouth and throat swells from the stuff), two liters of yoghurt and two loaves of bread.


Friday, 15 June 2007


Friday afternoon, home from work, the busdriver was NOT insane this time (my busdrivers on friday usually are).

Relax for a bit more than an hour, then off to see Sunshine (I got 21 free tickets for the cinema from work - and, I kid you not, I don't think I have been to the cinema as much as 21 times in my entire life!).

Tomorrow is a free day, so I am making lunches for next week and trying to get some sewing done.

Then work sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday, and then my vacation begins and I don't have to work for over three weeks!! Yay!!

Well, about busdrivers.
Friday two weeks ago my busdriver home drove the wrong way, then he drove over some traffic cones, then at a turn he took down the road signs saying "stop". Nice.

This morning the busdriver stopped in the middle of an intersection, jumped out and started yelling at a random man in a red volvo that wanted to enter the road we were on from a side road. He then proceeded to drive the last few hundred meters to the next stop, where he yelled in broken Swedish: "Out, get out, change bus now!" ("oot, ni mås-te oot, byh-ta booss noo!")
We got off, and in a bonding moment me and another passenger looked at eachother in a WTF manner.. then stood around wondering what bus to take now (no other bus in sight). Then suddenly the driver yelled at us "Hey, you, get on, I continue!" (Chej, ni, stig på, jag åkha vidarre!").... Er, okey? Guess he just didn't like the face of some poor passenger..

Other bus annoyances is the road construction (or demolition, actually, so far) going on here, so there are always eternal queues.

Monday, 11 June 2007

Another flower..

This one I did some cutting on to make it more aestethically pleasing (at least to myself). I might try to edit it more later..

Things are growing on my balcony...

Since it is close to midsummer and thus way too light for stargazing, the tripod for my telescope gets a different use... And someone is curious :)


Hot days.. today has so far been spent out on the balcony, with the laptop, juice with plenty of ice and a fan buzzing away behind me. J thinks it is way too hot as well, this was earlier - by now he has collapsed indoors.

He is still imitating everyone he sees - his latest achievement on this front was trying to help me scratch, after seeing me scratch a mosquito bite on my knee for some days (I get these huge mosquito bites that swell and itch like mad for weeks..) - last night and today he has been scratching at my knee as well. Often when I don't expect it. OW!

The Voice in the Computer

What happened was that I put on an audio book for my entertainment while sewing, and Jonathan spent ten minutes (to my extreme hilarity) looking into the speakers to find the person.

If there is a coordinating image it is OK by him, but this time there was just a totally disembodied voice.

At least SOMEONE enjoys my origami.

Monday, 4 June 2007

The near past, what actually happened.

Apart from taking pictures of the cat and the busstop, I have felt fairly busy the past weeks (though activating a very energetic cat might have something to do with that).

Two weeks ago Mum was here, leaving Jonathan. That week I worked five days, had saturday off, then went back to work sunday and worked another six days. Friday was payday and the off-saturday we were barbequeing on our balcony, having Kajsa and Magnus over.

Thursday some friends came down from Ljusdal, they both had job interviews in Stockholm (at the company I work, actually - will be interesting to see the results, if any). They stayed friday (the interview day) and left around noon saturday, after a second trip to the mall to buy a pair of shoes the female part of the couple fell in love with. I got a pair too. And a pair the night before. And three pairs the week before.

*hrrm*. Let's hope my other half (I refuse to call him my better half - I am no worse than he) still isn't reading my blog. :D

Anyhow, sunday and this afternoon I have been sewing. No more details on the project will be given out, since it is to be a gift for a person that does read my blog.

I have read another Agatha Christie book, and I am in the middle of The Elephant Vanishes by Haruki Murakami, as well as "the Harsh Cry of the Heron" by Lian Hearn. I have also started rationing my books for summer, three weeks of off time coming up.

I have found out that according to Lånekassen a couple that lives together isn't counted as having a shared economy unless they have children together, and that it gets very hot indeed on our balcony on sunny days (melting candles..)

I also have hatched a realistic plan to put up the blinds out there, though they wont be hanging from the ceiling. But all shade is better than no shade, huh?

Oh and I got some new ear things again, beautiful - tiny black rings with steel balls for my five "normal" ear piercings, and buffalo plugs with swarowski insets for the stretched piercings. All black and silver. <3

Now I will go to bed. I am an extremely early sleeper - I need at least eight hours out cold, preferably ten, to be even half functionable in the daytime.

Oh, and I have decided a bus card is cheaper than walking through the mall every day. But worse for my health, probably.

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Waiting for the bus

Sucky sucky

There is only one sure way to calm this energy-bomb down. To give him his scarf, which he use as substitute mother and sucks himself to sleep on. He ruined one of my good scarves before I took the hint and gave him an old one to keep.

How to tidy up a book case.

How to tidy up a book case:
Insert yourself, butt first, into the shelf, so that you sit on the innermost row of books. Push on the front row of books with your paws. When you have pushed them far enough out, you can move down and use your body to push them all the way down from the shelf. It is more fun if you take many books with one push, but sometimes it is hard to do. Then you can take one book at a time. Make sure to see they fall all the way to the floor.