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Contact me:
E-mail: silme at silme dot net
Google+: Here
I am on Ravelry and on a few IM services including IRC, usernames on request.

Quickest way to get in touch might still be leaving a comment here - I get notifications of all activity.

About this blog:
I originally set up this blog to encourage myself to work on my photography and image processing. As so often happens I lost interest and the blog evolved into a personal space. After some thought the name was changed to Random. It is a place for me to ramble on and on about stuff that interests me.

Why call it "Random"? 
I have a multitude of interests and I have no specific plan for the blog. What strikes my fancy in the moment winds up here (in addition to travel photos and nowadays, knitting patterns). The name Random also became suitable in a new and unexpected way as I have taken up knitting more seriously: I tend to go about my knitting in a patternless semi-unplanned spur-of-the-moment fashion as well.

These are my ramblings, what I choose to share. They are far from a complete picture of my life, but presumably the rest is either none of your business, boring or I simply didn't have time because real life took over.

About me:
Norwegian thirty-something female living in Stockholm, Sweden. I have a job that I love, but it doesn't stop me from using some of my precious spare time half-seriously plotting how to make all the creative processes going on in my head into something that will pay the rent. I jokingly call my flat "the Hermitage" because of my solitary life style.

I love all kinds of crafting, inventing and making things. Boredom easily strikes when something is too simple or repetitive, however. I read a lot, however a lot less than I used to, instead spending time on other hobbies. Mostly I knit and tat, but I also play around with papercraft, paint and print, photography, crochet, embroidery, jewellery making, and other creative outlets (I would love to have the possibility to work with wood - turning or carving or both, as well as stone, but a Sthlm flat is not a suitable place for those.). I also love plants and I dream of having a little house with a garden - but until then I grow things on my balcony and in my flat. I also have a come-and-go obsession with nailpolish.

I have a passion for languages and linguistics and a kind of distance infatuation with knowledge about the universe we live in; most easily translated to a preference for listening to pop lit books about physics or physics lectures when I knit.

I pretend not to drink coffee and have a slight obsession about tea, and now and then coerce workmates and random acquaintances to come and play board games (and get fed home-baked bread and homemade soup). I enjoy the process of travelling more than I like arriving at a destination - possibly with the exception of when I think it is bedtime, and I try to share some of the things I see through photographs here on the blog.

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