Friday, 22 January 2021

Isolation, conversations, and touch

Ten months and more at home. I've seen a friend on average a couple of times a month but usually briefly, the neighbours in the hallway a handful of times, and gone for a walk with two coworkers on separate days. I've been to the post office three times and the supermarket once, and had one doctors visit. The rest of the time I've been alone. 

Being alone was good in many ways. I was ready for the downtime, annoyed at the social situations I found myself in (mostly bars, concerts, etc), feeling very tired. But I've had enough. 

I want a hug. To touch skin.

I want to talk to someone about something not work. 

I want to meet a stranger and have a conversation about something interesting. Hear a new voice. 

I want to have deep philosophical conversations, the ones where you bare your soul for a moment. Solve world problems. Realise how much you suck since you can't fix your own, banal, problems. Feel that deep love towards the person you're talking with, your fellow human, your friend. 

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