Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The day after

I was thinking.

I have earlier raged and raved against the constraints of some definitions of relationships. (Fwb is a particular sore spot with me, because it signifies, apparently, a disposable relationship. There is an excellent text over at about that word, by the way - )

Do we have to define them? I would say that at least I want to. I like words and I like talking about stuff and where we are and where we are heading.

But. Why do I like that? To know where I am. Navigational aid in this fast-moving river. Can that be achieved without the standard definitions?`


Talking about current feelings, and intentions, and hopes?
That will take a special kind of person to handle, maybe. But maybe it is what I need in my life anyway and if unable to put words to these things, not good for me?

Thoughts. So many thoughts.

But I refuse to be treated as disposable, or something convenient, ever again, if I can do anything to avoid it. Strange how sadness can be coupled with a feeling of empowerment, hmm?

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  1. I think fwb is a nice concept. But a fwb should be treated like any other friend: with respect. This excludes disposable. I guess it means the need for definition, as you said. Its important to have a common understanding of what friend (with or without b) means.

    Cold As Heaven


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