Sunday, 4 May 2014


I have things to do and very soon places to be, but instead I am sitting here scribbling. I played the game "Tell me what to draw, internet" a few days ago, and that was fun, I sorta want to do that again.. but it's not really compatible with my day right now. Maybe I should do it more longterm?

Tell me what to draw, internet!
If I get a wish on IRC, Rav, fb, g+ or similar I will do it if I have the time and inclination then and there, if there are comments on this post I will try to do them eventually (since I can keep track of them). I'll decide what medium; digital or something else. But if you have a wish, do tell, and if I am not opposed to it I'll give it a shot. It's good practice.

Also, I simply presume that I won't get any wishes that are totally inappropriate, but if I do I'll disregard them.

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