Thursday, 1 May 2014


Happy Beltane, Labour day, and whatever else happens today. It's a day off work here - and completely according to tradition it is snowing.

Last night I wound up with last-minute tickets to the Royal Opera with my favourite date, Alexandra - this is what we saw:

Here is another video showing more of the other stuff (for some reason it wouldn't embed). The middle piece (The Other You) - the guys in suits above - were my favourite of the three, the exactness of the choreography was just stunning!


  1. It's the damned capitalists dumping the snow to keep the workers indoor.

    I'm in the mountains for the last skiing weekend of the season, so I'm happy with some snow >:)

    Cold As Heaven

    1. Chemtrails man, chemtrails!

      Last week there was a demonstration against evil chemtrails here. It makes me worried about humanity, I mean, even more than usual.

    2. I certainly agree with your worries about humanity. The Internet is full of all kinds of weird conspiracy theories.

      Cold As Heaven


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