Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tick tick tick

Another concert reasonably soon (August)!


  1. Lots of German stuff you are posting. Have they been on this electronic wave all the time since Kraftwerk?

    Cold As Heaven

    1. Sweden and Germany both ;)

    2. You are right, there's been a lot of German bands the past couple of weeks (just reviewed). I can't remember what is scheduled for the rest of the month (except that one song is Laibach! - which is Slovenian), but I'll try to mix things up a bit for a while.

    3. No problem. German is fine. I listen to German music too, but more on the metal branch; Kreator, Falkenbach, and sometimes even Rammstein >:)

    4. I used to listen to Kreator! Thanks for the reminder ;) (There is a lot of stuff I used to listen to that isn't half bad, just that I got distracted. I grew up in Norway, and then I lived in Finland, after all.) Rammstein however.. there are better bands in that genre ;)


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