Monday, 10 March 2014

Quick opinion before the final stretch

In a few hours King and then Zirkle leaves White Mountain after their mandatory 8h rest. Aliy couldn't match King's speed and lost an hour to him on the way there, and this late an hour could be a big thing. Will the rest be enough ot get her team up to speeds where she can catch up to and beat King to Nome?

I sure as hell am cheering for Aliy, it's about time (so many #2), but at this point I wouldn't put money on it. King's team is running strong and is getting the same rest.

Here, have a mushing video: Aliy Zirkle going down Dalzell Gorge in '12, which was a much much snowier year than the terrible year this has been. Here is a clip showing this year's conditions in the same place.

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  1. I heard It's been difficult this year, with too much ice and too little snow


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