Saturday, 1 March 2014

It's that time of year again!

In about fourty minutes it starts. The 42nd Iditarod.

I am excited as usual - been watching the available pre-race footage for some hours, and crying a bit and laughing a bit.

"The Norwegians are coming!"

Watch the ceremonial start here, in 40 minutes (8pm CET).


  1. It's quite an impressive and fascinating race (including the history behind it). I don't watch it regularly, but I follow the updates in the news.

    Are you doing dog sledging yourself?

    Cold As Heaven

    1. When I was a child and teen I used to hitch our dog(s) and possible neighbour dogs in front of kiddie sleds, kick sleds (sparkstötting), and me on skis, which was a whole lot of fun, and when the FHS I went to had a mushing line for a few years. We had some great mushers coming in showing photos from long trips and talking about the sport.

      Would love to get more into it, but with my arthritis, living where I do, sans drivers license or much money.. not likely to happen. Sadly.

  2. I have tried dog sledging once, with six dogs. It was chaos before we got started with impatient dogs, but great fun when we took off. Snow scooters are easier


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