Sunday, 2 February 2014

Time well spent - and an observation

This weekend has mostly been spent watching streams, webcams and videoclips from races (1 and 2), as well as tracking GPS locations and progress. Some yelling at the monitor, and some crying, because the tears come easily from me. I had a couch-mushing break Saturday evening when a group of people came over to play boardgames. Between that and a bigger focus on social life, music - and the week spent learning more about union rights and processes and Swedish labour legislation (brain turned to goo! But so fun!), my internet presence dropped again.

Sorry about that.

Except for you guys on FB, you are probably tired of mushing links being shared by now, but WORRY NOT the season is faaaar from over you'll get plenty more :D :D :D

And then to my observation:
My hair is long enough, if stretched out (it is slightly wavy naturally but I tend to brush it straight when wet) to get stuck in my buttcrack. Nasty. Time to do some chopping.

Here is the latest colour scheme, which will mostly disappear when scissors are applied:


  1. Being a metal head, I sometimes go to black metal concerts, and I've realized that most people with long black hair and corpse paint are very nice guys. Your long hair counts on the positive side >:)

    Cold As Heaven

    1. Well, considering the next post after this... ;)

      My hair is now bra-strap long at the longest, shaved on the shortest.

    2. Cool.
      Will you post a picture?

    3. Ok, I will. With stupid selfie facial expression and all. :D See separate post.


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