Saturday, 22 February 2014

The End of the World

So in the ongoing story of my introvert flailing in public spaces, after going for dinner and accompanied tipsyness with coworkers I went out on my own, talked to every single person I recognized from before in the bar, didn't freak out, all good. My main idea was to do this as an exercise, show myself I can do it, that it isn't dangerous, but also maybe strengthen some of the connections I've started making.

Then I decided to make a run for it to see if I could make it to the post office to get a package that was waiting for me. All in a good night's work. Sadly the train was held up between stations and I was five minutes too late to get it. Has a big sad.

Today Ragnarok happens at the same time as I am hosting a get-together of crazy Scandilander crafters with a tendency towards swearing freely. Coincidence?


  1. You're doing very well >;)

    Why are you going to the bar first and then to the post office? I would have done it in the oposite order (and stayed in the bar till it closed)

    Cold As Heaven

    1. Background information:
      It takes me roughly 1-1.5h to get to where I live from work or vice versa.
      It takes roughly 40 minutes to get to places in the city from work
      It takes roughly 30-40 minutes to get to my home station from the city

      1630: Am at work happily typing away
      1730: Supposed to be at a restaurant in the city
      1730-2000: Dinner with coworkers
      Friend ending his DJ job at 2100 in a bar elsewhere in the city
      2200: Post office closes


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