Friday, 21 February 2014


I've spent most of the week at a conference (the chef at the hotel, a nice man called Jacques, took full responsibility for my food allergies and served me excellent food that was totally safe five times a day for three days), but I've also had time to meet friends two days and go to the opera (Stiffelio - my first Verdi opera). And it's only lunch Friday - I am stepping up the pace for the weekend.

My hermit lifestyle is suffering under this onslaught of activities. I'll have to schedule in me-time soon. But on the upside I am having fun!

Breakfast Thursday - it suddenly snowed. I preferred what it looked like until then...


  1. Italian opera is cool. It's probably my favorite music genre after black metal and death metal. Verdi was heavy metal of his time >:)

    Cold As Heaven

    1. I think you've said that before actually! I had forgotten though.

      Stiffelio was censored almost immediately, and hasn't been played in the Nordics until the past two or three years.

      I like going to the opera, but the seats at the Royal Opera in Sthlm tend to be rather uncomfortable, especially for someone with a leg length above 60cm. There's simply nowhere to put one's knees.

    2. My kids too say that I tell the same things over and over. Sorry about that. I probably because I'm getting old >;)

    3. Oh, no problem! I had forgotten. And I repeat myself too. :)


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