Tuesday, 25 February 2014

It's tuesday again!

Another country song about boots, this one already covered. And with that I will leave western boots behind for a bit :)


  1. I've heard that song in radio many times, with Nancy Sinatra, I think.

    Boots used to be popluar when I was in jr highshcool. I grew out of my boots long time ago, and never got any new >:)

    Cold As Heaven

    1. Dolly Parton I think, if it is the original :)

      I wear all sorts of boots. Western, combat... Comfortable, stylish, warm. What more can one ask for? :)

    2. Maybe it is Dolly Parton I have heard

      I usually wear army boots. I kept the pair I had when doing the military service. After that I've bought and worn out another 5-6 pairs >:)

    3. I killed off two pairs completely. They were so comfortable by the time the seams went.. so soft and supple... ;) (After about four years of continuous wear.)

      Nowadays my non-western boots tend to be either lace-up boots in a military inspired style (like any other metaller/goth/synth..) or biker boots, because I love just sticking my feet in them no laces or zippers or whatnot. Easy in the morning. Still, quite predictable for my sub culture.

    4. The only drawback with army boots is in airport security, always have to take them off.

      I'm not sure what synth is anymore. I used to associate it with bands like Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk.

      Goth and metal is cool. I guess I'm kind of metalhead at heart, but I look pretty straight. But I only wear black clothes. Sometimes it's fun to shock visitors (in particular Americans) by wearing a black t-shirt with up-down cross I meetings at work. I guess It's the kind of things I can do when I sit on the buyers side of the table

    5. You mean there are shoes one gets to keep on? :o

      DM and Kraftwerk are synth. There are a lot of new subgenres that the hip young people listen to but I don't even know what they sound like, I am stuck ten to twenty years ago for the most part.

      I wear all kinds of colours a bit randomly these days, haha - my friend says I am a "Curry goth". But in my head I am black dressed and green haired, and then I get confused when I see a mirror. And I know what you mean about the buyer's side. I've made Swedish salespeople and consultants blink and stammer when they saw who they were dealing with, I think I got an excellent start to those negotiations...


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