Wednesday, 1 January 2014


These first two are blurry, but they give an impression of the display as seen from my flat. On a clear NYE like last night we can see the fireworks from four municipalities, the horizon is a glow all around. That includes seeing the Sthlm city ones - but I don't have any photos of them, being too busy watching! 

There are usually a few local people putting on a show too - there's some people who go up on the hill and wait until most people have fired off their stuff, then they put on a slightly-above-average display. This is actually a hill quite a bit away; to walk to the foot of the hill would take 10-15 minutes from here at a fast pace - my compact camera did an excellent job of zooming in across the distance!



  1. Happy new year, and good luck with your new position >:)

    How did your cats react to the new-year fireworks? It scares the shit out of the dogs (I've heard from friends who own dogs). How about the cats?

    Cold As Heaven

    1. Some cats react a lot, some not at all, just like dogs. I think this was fine, I had the two borrowed cats that are fairly calm too.


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