Tuesday, 31 December 2013


I usually don't do year summaries but this has been a weird year and I feel like doing one.

The year started off with work focus, as a new IT-manager was hired and I handed over my stuff to him (if you missed it, I substituted as IT-mgr during '12). It turned into the longest slowest handover in history, as I was handling admin, figuring out some practical stuff, project coordinating a bit, and telling everything I knew, as the new guy rebuilt the department (similar to how I would have done it had I been allowed to make major changes during my placeholder year - except there are a few more changes I would have done which I haven't seen - yet).

Late in the winter I took the chance of not being on call 24/7 and working ten hour days (for the first time in three or four years) to boot up my social life, and started looking for new friends - with at least some great successes, and a lot of tea had. We tried and failed to get a regular board- and/or roleplaying group started, but it was fun while it lasted.

In spring I attended Julia's craft nights regularly, but I failed to produce much, mostly starting new projects all the time. My reading were likewise slow, couldn't get into books. Sometimes late spring I started re-reading all the Pern books and greatly enjoyed that, and thus I rebooted my reading progress by rereading old favourites the rest of the year.

Work was rather boring and slow and confused, noone knew what my role were and it became less and less obvious what I should do as spring became summer.

I fired my cleaning lady when she killed a beloved house plant I had inherited, and ruined my favourite jacket, all in  one fell swoop. Since then I have struggled to keep on top of things and my flat is far less clean than I should like.

In May I went to Norway for a week, visited siblings, met my sister Vanessa for the first time (squee!). In July I went to Finland for a long weekend and met up with beloved friends.

I acquired a fiddle, and immediately developed arthritic inflammation in shoulder and elbows so I can't play it.

The fall started off badly, with my position at work being ever more insecure and me being more bored and unmotivated than ever, at the same time my most beloved Linus showed sign of severe illness and eventually passed away, after a heroic battle. I had some other losses of closeness among my personal relationships during the year as well, which together with the two above turned the fall very bleak. I stopped doing social things, although I meant to, every day every week, but stuff were just a tad overwhelming.

On the plus side my knitting productivity went up, kickstarted by participating in a Mystery Knit-along in late summer, which produced the green shawl I wear the most of all my knitted stuff.

I exchanged my crutches that I rarely used for a cane I always carry with me, as my legs got worse and I went from running regularly in late summer to randomly falling over when walking as my legs gave out on my later in the autumn. I have had two better-than-great years when it comes to the arthritis, so I can live with this worsening. Hopefully I will have great years again later.

At the end of the year things started resolving as two shy and scared kittens moved in with me, I managed to get myself recruited for a two (became three) month project position in my old department customer service, and I took on the responsibility of being a union rep at work, as well as picking up the threads of both maintaining my irl relationships, regaining old ones, and starting new ones.

I have written 4961 forum posts during the past year though, on the knitting and nailpolish boards. That gotta count for something?

2014 is shaping out to be the year of learning to be social at a rate that won't overwhelm me. I need to seriously sit down and try to fix my financial situation, I was barely starting to recover when the vet bills struck and I am as bad off as I ever was, or worse. If I can swing it, I should hire a new cleaning lady, because it does so much for my comfort and stress levels. I want to knit a sweater and to try working with planned pooling, knitwise. It is also a year with little or no paid vacation, so I need to plot and plan carefully, and since leave will be mostly unpaid, I should endeavor to do cheap things to outweigh that. It sadly means no trip back to NC or TX, both of which were high on my wish list. I am not yet sure what I will be doing long term at work, but for the spring I have a project - I shall be implementing a new switchboard for the entire company. It is the second time I work on this in a few years, but I am getting in earlier in the process this time and might be able to affect some decisions a bit more, which pleases me as the old solution wasn't ideal. 

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