Wednesday, 20 February 2013


I keep trying to get my activity level back up. My Get Shit Done list is so big I am avoiding looking at it. Project Cleaner Slate 2013 is moving ahead. What the hell is she talking about now? I started gathering all the things I should do, or wanted to do, or had promised to do, or had started but never finished into a list. After struggling with it for some weeks I decided to keep the list, and work to get it cleaner. Stuff I come up with need to be added. I should finish a couple of old things before I start something new and exciting. At least in theory. Well, about half the things that were on the list around Christmas are GONE. So I am making progress. Still, there are stuff I need to attack.

The photos from my road trip in August is one thing. I like taking pictures, but I don't like processing. Sigh.

Also, I kinda want to play the alphabet game. My self challenge to improve my writing flopped horribly, what I need to do is just get back in the habit of posting something before I try to up the challenge to a harder level. So my thought for my new self challenge is to post my way through the alphabet. Write, take pictures of something, repost, whatever. A, B, C.

It might not happen. But it might. We'll see, eh?

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