Thursday, 17 January 2013

The bag game!

Long time since I played the bag game on here. Let's see what I carry around on a daily basis!

I have this backpack, but mine has a pink skunk dangling from the lid:

Here is what lives in the front pocket:
Blotting paper, wet wipes, various pills (including paracetamol, atarax and tylenol), mints, eyedrops. Two lipbalms (lypsyl sensitive and eyeko fat balm), cuticle cream, a broken fox bracelet. Pads, ricola tablets, house keys. 

In the main pocket 1:

Mittens, two fold-up nylon bags, a pill case, two pairs of eyeglasses, camera case, umbrella, hairbrush, gum/cough drops, and kleenex. 

The glasses:

The main pocket 2) 

Notes from the post to go get stuff, a return I am supposed to send, various mail I carry around on (mostly because I needed to reference it during daytime the past week), a notebook, a plastic bag with pens. The cat was not in the bag but came to see what I was doing. 

The main pocket 3: Four smaller bags!!! 

Top left: tablet, asus transformer. (Cat tail.)

Top right: A small zipped bag with two balls of cotton yarn, a tatting shuttle and scissors. No ongoing project.

Bottom left: Purse with stamps, lipstick, more ricola, chocolate, more wetwipes, plackers, mirror, earplugs, kleenex, painkillers, asthma inhalator, various cards from work events that I threw away after the photo. 

Bottom right: Safety pins. Makeup. More wetwipes. Chapstick and lipstick. Comb. Band-aids. Nailfile.

Not in my bag: Passport, wallet, two mobile phones, buscard. Buscard is in my mittens (different mittens), the rest is in my jacket pockets. Where there are also an mp3player (iAudio), earphones, more lip balm, and another set of keys. 

I also had a bag with dirty lunch boxes in the backpack, but I already removed those.

That's a lot of stuff... O_o


  1. Good Lord!!! I thought it was done after the first couple frames....but it just..... kept........ goin'.........0_o is right!!

    1. And it all fits in a small backpack! It would seem a lot less if I had gathered it into one photo though.

  2. Don't want to even think about the amount of stuff I have in mine. I think my shoulder problems might vanish if I would dump half of that stuff away :D


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