Sunday, 4 November 2012

Trying to get back on track..

This is not an interesting blog post, but at least I am posting. Please nag me and kick my ass and comment and harass me about getting stuff written here - I should get the trip photos up if nothing else, but also pick up my self challenge. I don't feel particularly guilty about dropping out because it was a challenge to myself, but the point was that I need to write and improve my writing soooo. Yea. Should. So anyway, next up in the series of photos from the trip is the wedding day, which includes me driving an ATV and scaring Kate who is a control freak with a lead foot (ie, she drives really fast herself but screams like a banshee if anyone else does with her as a passenger).

However: I am getting shit done!
Today, so far: Two loads of laundry, emptied, stacked and ran the dishwasher, knit some on my socks, bought a birthday gift for an upcoming b-day, bought the second Xmas gift (at the moment I feel like I got that under control, in reality I will probably be flailing a week before Xmas trying to get the rest), and got a bread dough rising in the kitchen now.
Hoping to get done before the day is over: Finish my socks (F'yeah! Finally!), change the light bulb in the hallway, unclutter some so Mrs. Clean can do her job tuesday, finish the bread and make soup, and decide what my next project will be and either wind the yarn for it or start it (depending on the state of the yarn I want to use). ´

Knittingwise.. Man. So much going on. I should probably photoblog some about knitting, right?
Anyway, I bought more sock needles - I knit socks on two 24" (60cm) circulars, so I buy them in pairs. For some reason I always wind up buying 16" (40cm) instead. Or at least I have done that three times this year and once three years ago. It isn't amusing anymore. This time I got 4 pairs, so a lot of money too - Addi Lace - luckily I get to change them for the right length. AND I realised knitpro's karbonz is available in the shop so I ordered two pairs of those as well to test them. Only good thing I can say is that I have now managed a full week without buying yarn. Knitting really is a material hobby, innit?


  1. Hey you, get back to the challenge >;)

    I'm lagging behind myself, about 1/3 through. I have #12 and #13 ready, but struggle with #11. Will post all of them (in the proper order), as soon as I get the beasty one done.

    Cold As Heaven

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself.

    What's that expression? "don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.@


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