Saturday, 10 November 2012

Maybe not allergy after all?

So, I think the problem with my eye might be an infection, because now the actual eye whites are red and there is pus. Yuck. Got a doctor's appt in the PM, hopefully they can Fix It. I was feeling more and more blind and handicapped and finally realised that of course, it is my good eye that is swelling shut, so if I wear my glasses so I can see on my left eye instead I'll be able to Do Things (and might feel more awake since I can see anything but blur).


Anyway, I am so focused on allergy and urticaria that it never did occur to me that it could be an infection. Now that I have realised that it is, I have already thrown out all makeup that was used on that eye this week, so I won't reinfect myself.

To be continued...

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  1. It sounds like you have "Pinkeye" (a.k.a. Conjunctivitis). I have had that in the past. Your physician or ophthalmologist will probably subscribe antibiotic drops and/or ointment. It can be viral or bacterial in etiology. Do not assume this is viral. Seeing your doctor is a very good idea. With treatment AND home care it will totally clear within a week. (For more info, see: ).


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