Wednesday, 7 November 2012


I have been mostly symptom free for years, eating my medicine daily. The last time I got my prescription fulfilled I got a "noname" brand. Shouldn't be a difference, I have no problem with that. Except that I have suddenly gotten symptoms (swollen rashes on my neck, swollen rashes and blisters on my eyelid from make-up, scalp and ears that feels as if it's got acidburn - from shampoo - itchy red swollen hands - because I touched them, the pressure triggered it. I tried to think what it could be. And realised that the change was the medicine. I had 11 pills left of the old, in my bag, so I switched to those - and the symptoms started fading. WHARGARBL! So I am going to switch back to cross check and if you don't hear from me ever again you will know I died from bad medicine and can sue the maker of my latest pills. Or then I am just going to call my doctor up and whimper at him to renew my prescription and click the ticky box that says they can't change my medicine to another brand.

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