Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Challenge Day 2: Nine things you do every day.

The dream fades, forgotten before I can grasp at it, shrinking away from the light seeping in through my sleeping half-closed eyelids. As consciousness impedes on my comfort I reach out, still without opening my eyes, to turn off the annoying sunlight. The switch doesn't move to my groggy consternation. I open my left eye, peering suspiciously at my alarm-lamp that simulates sunrise to wake me. The lamp is dark, the annoying light comes from the real sunrise.

Consternation is replaced with panic: work-late-sunup-hurrryyyyyy! I roll out of bed, landing in a crouch, adrenaline roaring. In the not-to-far distance a train rumbles past.

I never get further, as I suddenly realise it is saturday and if I go to work I will find nobody else there. My mental step by step preparation to get myself through my mourning routine on record time is brushed away - ignored! and instead I slouch off towards the bathroom, careful not to knock my head against anything.

A washcloth dripping with cool water applied to my face makes me able to open both eyes fully. I study my pony tail in the mirror but decide that since I am not intending to leave the Hermitage, it'll do. No brushing of hair to be attempted this early. I likewise ignore getting fully dressed, and head straight for the electric kettle. I have higher priorities, and on top of the list is caffeine.

While the water comes to a boil I spread plain cream cheese on a piece of bread, so that a minute later I have a small tray consisting of coffee, orange juice, bread, and a cocktail of allergy medicines. Breakfast is accompanied by leisurely surfing through all my usual haunts, lounging in my recliner. As usual I find Ravelry more interesting than the news.

I enjoy the silence for just over thirty minutes before it starts. The thumping. Again.

The upstairs neighbour is playing loud music. Bad loud music. I counter with my own favourites and the neighbour takes the hint, as he mostly does. I wonder what he does on the days I instead leave the house, listening to my music on my most beloved gadget, the mp3-player. Play as loud as he wants? Does anybody else ever complain? I guess I'll never know. I finally feel ready to get dressed. Might as well since I am up and moving anyway.

Since this is a day blessedly free from commuting and work, I find time to knit, thus postponing doing chores. The knitting develops my dexterity as I try to avoid poking the cat with my needles too many times. He studies my work and is obviously feeling chatty, because he tells me very vocally what I am doing wrong. He finds less fault with my work when I give him a hug.

Finally, as the sun sets, I remember I have things to do and settle for the lowest acceptable minimum: The trash gets taken out. The hallway smells of everybody else's dinners. Mostly good smells. Spice and garlic and frying onion. As usual I skip eating in a mix of self-flogging, laziness and lack of inspiration and appetite. I am going to bed soon enough anyway.

(The nine things: Wake up from light, washcloth to get the gunk out of my eyes and straighten my wild eyebrows which get an insane bedhead effect, get dressed, breakfast, medicines, internet, listening to music, talk to the cat, skipping dinner. These are part of ANY day in my life unless I am terribly ill.)


  1. I found it quite difficult to write well about the everyday stuff. Kind of difficult to get something interesting out of the gray. Definitely a challenge.

    Your take on it was good.

    "The smell of everybody else's dinner" ... or lunch packet: That's one of the things I find annoying when taking the train. It just came to my mind, but that's a theme we'll address later.

    And I have add the "Challenge Day XX" to my headings too >:)

    Cold As Heaven

    1. I never said these things were EASY to write in an interesting way. On the firs day I was sortof taken by surprise a day late, and I wound up going with a list but trying to keep it within a theme. I am considering going back and rewriting it - removing the bulletpoint structure and reorganizing the order - I think I could make it coherent. Or maybe just a re-posting of the rewrite.

      Today and tomorrow I have stuff to do after work so I am not sure there'll be writing done, but I am going to play the catchup game I think; several a day if I get "late" or maybe just scheduling ahead of time like I do with the trip photos (I schedule a bunch of posts during the weekend and let it run itself).


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