Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Challenge Day 1: Ten random facts about myself

First day and I miss it. Great start. Here are the subjects. CaH and Bele are also doing it. Anyone else that want honourable mentions? 

Migratory hermit?
1) For a long time I was able to say that I had moved on average once a year my entire life, but I lost that bragging right in my late twenties.
2) The longest time I have lived in one house is in excess of five years, but the longest I have lived in the same town is just over seven years. Am I settling down?
3) I often suffer insomnia-related problems. The one place I can always be sure to sleep like a baby is on a bus, train or plane, or sometimes, in a car... Take me for a ride!
4) I love my hermit existance, and have been known to take four week holidays where I make an effort to not have to leave the flat more than once or twice.
5) I also love to travel. I like being on the road. Airports and train stations don't daunt me, even with the crush of people that normally intimidates me so. Just sitting on a train and being going somewhere perks me up no end. Getting there is overrated, however.
6) Turbulence on planes do not scare me, but I get awfully sleepy from it. The reason for this was that for close to two years I was commuting more or less weekly across the Baltic, on a boat. I usually slept in a cabin beneath the car deck, being able to feel the vibration of the engines and hear the roar of the ice in winter.
7) I do not have a driver's license, but I like the idea of being able to drive. At the moment it is coming down to a financial question - if I had someone that could teach me outside of expensive driving school I would go for it.
8) My daily commute is between 75 and 90 minutes each way from door to door. That is 2,5-3h daily. Sometimes I hate it, there are so many better uses for my time, but sometimes it is ok. It depends on if I have something to distract me on the trip - a nice thought, good music, maybe someone to talk to on the phone or the tablet.
9) I go everywhere by public transportation (metro/commuter trains/buses), and walk the rest. I walk far and relatively fast. My stride is naturally long and I have difficulties finding a rhythm which adjusts itself to a slower pace, so I often wind up walking alone even when with a group - ranging ahead, waiting, or even taking detours. Sometimes lagging behind, for instance taking photos of something, only to catch up again.
10) I have never been to Britain. This bothers me. I would like to go.


  1. Seems like you kind of have your own Reform Club to leave from and return to. How far can you get in 80 days with modern transport. My favorite way of traveling is by boat. I've never got see sick.

    And Britain is over-rated, with a few exceptions, such as the British Museum >:)

    Cold As Heaven

    1. Not see sick, but sea sick >:o

    2. I have gotten sea sick, but mostly stuck in diesel stink. The general rule is if the sea gets rough, especially in a smaller vessel, stay topside >:)(This usually fail when someone has to use the toilet and doesn't want the ..spray in their face. They go down to use the potty and get seasick in the enclosed space and heavy rolling.)

      Well.. in November this year Britain also have the Hot Club of Cowtown. That is reason enough to go! Sadly I am rather on the bankrupt side of things and cannot go. :(


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