Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Right, challenge.

Paging Matika and Cold as Heaven!

We talked about doing a blog challenge. September came and went, but how about october? Anyone want to join me?

The rules are:
1) Try to write a post every day according to the list.
2) No shaming if you miss one, continue where you left off. Spread love and support eachother.
3) Challenge your writing. Try to write well and interesting.
4) Length does not matter, long or short - but it should be a standalone post that makes sense on its own without being dauntingly long.

Anyone else want to join? Write a comment. Spread the word. Let's do this.

And last: I do this because I need to start writing. If someone else wants to do it with me, great. Let's go for it together, the more the merrier! If not, I'll do it solo. I do most things alone, so that's fine too.

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