Saturday, 21 July 2012

Head like a balloon

With the most perfect timing ever, it seems I am getting ill again. Of course I am, I am supposed to leave for the States in a week! I have a tradition of being deathly ill and on long sick leaves and weak as a kitten when I travel stateside, why break the trend? (The incidents include a severe concussion and pneumonia.)

Yea, I am a bit annoyed. Will dose myself with the rest of the C-vitamin packets Erik left here, as well as Nyquil tonight. Hope I can kick this without getting sick for real.


  1. Oh no, I am so sorry.

    You already know this from travels before?

    That is really sad.

    1. I am not sure I would use the term sad, unfortunate indeed though.

      This winter I ran into a severe pneumonia which kept getting worse, after three weeks of illness I was finally hospitalized - with only three weeks to go to my trip. I was in far worse shape than I had hoped to be.

      When I went to Hawaii I walked into a door (yes, really. Look for the photo documentation on the blog - search for concussion) - and spent over a month closer to six weeks on sick leave then too; only getting back to work in time to say hello before I headed west. Was weak as a kitten, and since I cut a nerve in my temple my face was, and is, partially lame. Back then it was worse than it turned out in the end, and I couldn't close my left eye only which made for issues when I spent a night at Mauna Kea to do some serious star gazing in their telescopes.. (I can't see very well on my left eye so closing just the right wasn't a good option).

      At least there is no time for a severe illness. Hopefully just a head cold that I'll kick off in a few days. I can hope.


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