Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Planning a roadtrip

In just over six weeks I am flying off to the US again, to go on an epic road trip with my friend Kate. We will be driving coast to coast during two weeks (NYC-SF), with wonderful things like the wedding of a mutual dear friend and an awesome concert to attend along the way.

I am doing a whole lot of planning around this, but one thing is important and cannot be left to the last minute: MUSIC! I have to start compiling the playlists I want to bring along for this roadtrip. I have quite a lot myself, but I want suggestions for things we need to listen to on this drive. Artist, albums or specific songs - bring it on!

Comment here, on the thread on FB, at G+, or e-mail me. If it is something I might not know, tell me what it is to mentally prepare me before I listen to it.. and if you have a reason for adding it please include it (like Erik suggesting 'A Thousand Miles From Nowhere' for the desert stretch)!



  1. obvious ones that comes to mind is:
    On the road again - Canned Heat
    A horse with no name - America
    Road to nowhere - Talking Heads

  2. You should bring plenty of metal. I would suggest death metal for the east coast (Nile from South Carolina is very good), then black metal for the plains and mountains (I'll provide you with my best-of BM list), and some thrash metal at the west coast (for instance Slayer and Anthrax). And regarding books, bring "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac >:)

    Cold As Heaven

    1. I saw the comment in the middle of the night when I was up to get some water. I thought you recommended "The Road" and was muttering "Hell NO!" as I went back to bed ;)

      Looking forwards to see your music recommendation list. I must admit the odds that it gets to come with me on the trip is low, but I will listen to it at home. :D


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