Sunday, 20 May 2012

Just a Note...

A quick note to say what I have been up to -

My beloved, but relatively new-found family in the US (Erik, Patty, Wayne) have been planning a trip to Scandiland for some time. The journey's first stop was Oslo, May 15-20, staying with my cousin Lisbeth. I showed up as a surprise visit - thus the long weekend has been spent on trains, walking about Oslo, seeing tourist things, and revisiting the museums at Akershus Fortress, among other things. Though I did kinda cheat and skipped the 17th, staying at the house cooking up a meal for the gang. Another highlight was getting to spend a day with my brother Vilhelm! <3

The entire week was awesome and I am heartbroken at having to part from everyone.

Photos to come.

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