Wednesday, 25 April 2012


While one would think I am completely obsessed about Texas since I am still blogging about it almost three months later, in fact the delay has to do with me having prioritised other things in my life, thus not sitting down and making the massive effort to go through all the photos at once. On the other hand, I do enjoy my weekly 30 minute session of reminiscing...

So what the hell is up with Ms. No-life - actually being busy? Basically, I have been slowly promoted at work throughout the years. The past year I have been co-managing the IT dept., and the past few months have been hectic seeing as the CTO is expecting twins any day and any hour now, so there has been a massive handover going on. And now I am on my own... I think it'll be fine, but I haven't found my pace yet. It'll come. 

On my spare time I try to wind down - music, both listening to and singing, a whole lot of knitting, and even drawing some (long time since I did that!). In the autumn I gave up trying to get the puzzle of both having time for hobbies AND doing chores and I now have a regular cleaning lady that comes in twice a month. Bliss. Though she hides my coffee jar in different places every time, which is kind of exciting in the morning when I want it NOW. Still, even with those measures taken, the past two-three months I have not even been able to find the time to read the one book a month I am "supposed" to read with the reading circle. The stack of books is staring threateningly at me from the shelf. Eventually I will hopefully get through the backlog.

And I found time for a little project which I will blog about after the coming long weekend. Ping Aimee! :D

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  1. I think I am the owner of the most beautiful wedding guest book ever!


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