Friday, 6 April 2012

Trish #2

I am, to and fro, working on another Trish (yesyes, I know I have promised to publish the pattern..), this one in linen, and meant for myself (I have a lack of things I can wear in summer). I mostly work on this one during lunch breaks and similar, so progress is slow. On the other hand, we had a white-out today, so I guess I have time still...

On a few of the photos you can see that my balls of yarn are wearing socks. Or rather yarn cozies! They come from Buffy Ann Designs (if you think you recognize them you might have seen them on Knitty), and I love them. Highly recommended!

Observe: Also protects your yarn against cat attack. 


  1. Wayne Peterson06/04/2012, 23:26

    Are any of your yarn balls sporting a yarn bowl?

  2. If you are asking if I carry it along to and fro work; no I don't. I mostly knit on my lunch breaks.


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